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Friday, November 15, 2019

REVIEW : Kuretake ZIG Clean Color Dot

Following the success of PLAYCOLOR DOT, Kuretake ZIG has launched their very own version. 
The Clean Color Dot.

For now there are 12 colors available. 

Each pen is double ended. One end is a 0.5mm pen and the other is the "dot" end. This is where this differs from playcolor's version as well. The dot end of this pen is spongy/soft allowing one to adjust the size of the dot drawn depending on how much pressure one applies as they use it.

The possibilities are endless. Here is a layout I made using just one of the markers. I used it for calligraphy, dots for the to do list and even to draw a picture at the bottom corner!

Have you tried these?
What do you think of it?
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Friday, November 8, 2019

Hightide Flagship Store in Fukuoka

When you go to Fukuoka, one of the must visits is the Hightide flagship store. 

Hightide is a Japanese brand known for a wide range of products, from stationery to interior goods. 

Outdoors goods, diaries, bags, keychains, pouches, pens, t shirts, the list of items go on. 
The flagship not only carries their full range, they also have a small selection of curated goods from overseas brands. 

The nearest train station is Yakuin, however, because it is in a small laneway, a bit of walking is required. 

I adore these Hightide boxes and storage items and the store had every colour, including the new transparent range. 

Every corner of the store requires proper inspection. There was tools, accessories and cute collaboration designed stationery. Deciding what to buy was incredibly difficult. 

If you need a break, there's even a cafe. 
Seating is available outside. 

Overall we had an enjoyable visit, our shopping bags are proof of that. 

Have you visited? What is your favourite hightide item? 

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Friday, November 1, 2019

REVIEW : Mindwave Recording Marker Sticky Notes range

Sometimes its hard to journal if there is limited time and I find myself putting it off. However by doing so, I also forget whatever it was that i had wanted to write. To help with this, stationery brand Mindwave has launched a range of sticky notes 'Recording Markers'

I picked up the one for 'MONEY'. As the name indicates, its all to do with savings. There are 5 styles of sticky notes [one extra large and 4 small ones]

They make journaling so much quicker and more colorful immediately [even if i am writing about how much money i am spending XD]

What do you think of these sticky notes? Have you tried them?

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Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday, October 18, 2019

Review: Giotto Turbo Glitter Pastel Pens

Giotto is a brand I had not seen before. 
A quick internet search tells me that it is an Italian brand aimed at children.

I spotted these glitter pastel pens on sale at paperchase and decided to try it out. 

This set is described as special glitter pens in 8 different colours with ventilated lids, ultra resistant nibs and safe water-based inks that can be washed out of most fabrics. 

With a pen tip of 2.8mm, it's not a pen one uses for detailed work. 
It feels like a typical felt tip when writing, the ink is pigmented and there is a lot of glitter.

You can't really tell from the picture but the glitter looks quite shiny in real life and the only downside is that it does get all over the place after a while. 

Great for kids, great for journaling. 2 shiny thumbs up!
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Friday, October 4, 2019

Review: Paperchase 3 in 1 Pen

I was in London for work recently and of course I had to pick up some stationery. 

If you remember Borders' bookstores, Paperchase should be familiar.
I used to spend all my pocket money on things from Paperchase, everything was super cute. 

I picked up a few things this time, one of which was a 3 in 1 pen. 

Pen, highlighter and sticky flag dispenser.  

It comes in 2 colours, a pink highlighter/black ink/pink flags and yellow highlighter/blue pen/yellow flags. 

The pen is pretty standard, regular ballpoint and writes well even with the additional weight from the sticky flag dispenser. 

The highlighter is really nice.
It is very neon, very bright, perfect for making your notes pop!

The sticky flag dispenser is on the highlighter's cap and is super handy. 
I'm not sure if it's refillable but the cover comes off easily making it super convenient.

Overall, I feel this is a great tool for studying and also if you only have space for 1 pen. 

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

October 2019 Printable


Call it what you want but it can never go wrong!
And that's what this month's printable is all about!!

Here at TN5C, we really love this color scheme!

It can never go wrong!
Download here: Link

Do tag us if you use our printable! We would love to hear what you think!

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Friday, September 20, 2019

Review : DAISO Korea Masking Sticker

Here at TN5C we love Daiso! And since Korea's Daiso carries items different to that of Japan, we had to drop in for a look!
Amongst the things we bought were these Masking Stickers!
They cost 2000won each [about USD$2]. Do note that not all items in Korea's DAISO are the same price so please check the price tag before purchasing!

Each set comes with 2 rolls of tape. One roll of faces + a roll of outfits for you to mix and match to create your own original sticker character.

There are 6 different faces and 6 different outfits. The sticker is made out of masking tape and peels off easily.
They are quite reminiscent of the Japanese masking tape brand BANDE and a cute addition to anyone's masking tape collection!

Have you tried these? OR what do you recommend from DAISO in Korea?

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Review: Kitaboshi Pencil (pencil for grown ups)

First up, this is not a new product on the market but it's new to me. 
I only noticed it at my local stationery store recently. 

It's the kitaboshi (northstar) pencil, also known as a grown up's pencil. 

It comes in packaging with a more mature design, aimed towards adults, and includes a pencil, lead and a container with a sharpener lid. 

It reminds me of a drafting pencil because the lead is thick unlike the thin pieces of pencil lead that you would find for a mechanical pencil. 

 The lead doesn't snap easily and is easy to sharpened although I worry about losing the sharpener container. 

I reckon this is a great pencil if you like mechanical pencils but don't like the typical thin pieces of lead. It's really smooth and the product design is really minimalistic, it reminds me of Muji!

Writing with it is a joy, it is smooth and pigmented. 
However, I do think the blackwing pencil is smoother.
If that is your favourite pencil, this might seem like a step back. 

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Friday, September 6, 2019


TOMBOW PLAYCOLOR has collaborated with fashion brand SPINNS to release an LE pack to entice all those going back to school after summer. 

Each set comes with 6 pens + a zipper pouch featuring an exclusive print.

The pens included are of the standard playcolor range but if you were looking to expand your collection or have never tried them before, this is a nice way to start! Its a little cheaper too + free cute pouch ^^!

Stay tuned to see what other new releases will be appearing in stores this summer in Japan for all those going back to school!

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Friday, August 30, 2019

Livework Color on Color Twinpen vs Daiso Korea Twinpen

Daiso, like all dollar store/100yen stores carries a selection of items that look like other well known products.

On my last trip to Korea, I saw a few things at Daiso that looked familiar, including this set of Twinpens. 

The set contains 4 Twinpens for 2000KRW, roughly 1.65USD.

Each pen has a highlighter side and a thin marker side, all the sides are a unique colour corresponding to the pen barrel and not repeated on the other side of the pen. 

Look familiar? This is the Livework Color on Color Twinpen, which I think is what inspired the Daiso Twinpens. 

The pen barrel has the same ombre effect, it also has a highlighter and a thin marker side.
 However, Livework has 1 additional pen unlike the Daiso set. 

The pen barrel colours may be different (Livework's is brighter than Daiso's), but swatched next to each other the pen inks are almost identical. 

If only the Daiso set had 1 more pen!

Usage wise, Daiso's twinpens are not as smooth as Livework's but that's not a dealbreaker I feel.
It might be because the Daiso pens are newer.

Also, did I mention Daiso's Twinpens are 1/4 the price of the Livework set? 

Therefore, if you are trying to decide between these 2 sets, go with the Daiso set. 

It's value for money and good quality! 

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Friday, August 23, 2019

September 2019 Printable

The September printable utilises one of our favourite themes/colour schemes. 

The combination of pinks/purples and stars remain a favoured dreamy addition to our planners. 

We hope you like it too! 

Download here: Link

Please see instagram for ibon and netprint information. 

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Friday, August 16, 2019

Review : KOKYUO Shellero X Mister Donut pencil case

KOKYUO is a Japanese stationery brand and one of their collections include a pencil case range [SHELLERO] which opens up completely for easy access. I've had my eye on them for a while but was never quite convinced to buy them. 
Till now that is. 

Yes, they collaborated with my favorite donut store MISTER DONUT to release a limited edition range.

Limited Edition is like bait to me. I cant help but covet and subsequently buy it. [sucker] In all fairness the print is actually quite pretty and i really like the words as well. Sugar Raised. I certainly am LOL.

As expected, it is truly easy to get access to all its contents at one go but i did not realise how big the capacity would be!

Here are all 16 pens from the MILDLINER brush range fitted comfortably inside of it!
A highly reccomended buy for those who bring a lot of stationery on the go with them ^^!

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