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Friday, April 16, 2021

Review: &Studium, stationery for studying

In 2021, I decided to start taking Korean lessons. 
Preparing for when travel starts up again. 

Which also means buying new stationery! 

I picked up a B5 cover, divider refill, loose leaf refill and vocabulary refill from the &Studium line of study specific stationery. 


The dividers are a nice bright colour, cute designs and come in a set of 4 with matching labels. 

The vocabulary refill has 30 sheets and have the same colour scheme as the dividers. 

Lastly, the loose leaf refill has 40 sheets and the paper is pink. 
Bringing all this colour to studying really helps morale. 

Here's what it looks like with everything set up. 
I love the semi opaque folder and the colours of the dividers. 

The labels work really well and they provided extras for future uses. 

The dividers came with a pretty useful bookmark/ruler too.

The vocabulary refill layout was great, spacious and easy on the eyes. 
I highly recommend it for language study or anything where a reference is needed. 

All in all, &Studium is a stylish way to study, no boring stationery, I'm excited to use it every day. 

The layouts are carefully thought thru and it's really useful. 

Do you use &Studium? what's your favourite item? 

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Friday, April 9, 2021

Review : DAISO Sticky Note Pad Ver.2

 Another amazing value for money item from DAISO!

The sticky note pad ver.2 [comes in several color tones and prints]

It includes the ever handy TO DO List sticky notes. (20 pieces)

Circles and small sticky notes (20 pieces each design)

And a lovely color collection of removable sticky strips (5 colors, 20 pieces each)

It folds up into a handy mini ring bound hardcover book.

That's a total of 180 pieces of sticky notes for the low price of a DAISO item [price varies country to country]. Highly reccomended!

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Friday, April 2, 2021

Review: Hightide Vertical Utility Pouch


Today, I am here to convince you to buy a hightide vertical utility pouch. 
If you're like me, you probably already own a horizontal pouch. 

The vertical pouch is quite similar to the horizontal in the following ways: 

It has many internal pockets. 

Your slim A5 notebook will fit in it! 

Many useful external pockets. 

Unfortunately, an A5 slim folder will not fit. 

but your TN will fit!

There's a nice pocket at the back, perfect for your phone or easy access to your notebook. 

loops for keychains or a bag strap. 

Loops on both sides for keychains or a strap

If you compare the size, it does look smaller and it looks like it has less pockets.

Length wise, the horizontal pouch will fit your longer notebooks/notebooks with covers and full A5 size notebooks. 

But my favourite thing about the vertical utility pouch, is that it will fit in my vertical bag. 
The horizontal pouch doesn't always fit, so that can make changing bags difficult. 

Also, I love the yellow of the vertical pouch. It looks so vibrant. 

Do you own a hightide pouch? What's your favourite colour? 

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Friday, March 26, 2021

April 2021 Printable

April is upon us! And we love the sakura season so much, we decided to do another month's printable based on it. This time round, we thought we would showcase sakura at night [known as yozakura in Japan] !
Download HERE.
Netprint (Japan) and IBON (Taiwan) details can be found on our instagram.

Do tag us in your creations! We would love to see them!

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Friday, March 19, 2021

Review : Kokuyo GLOO series (glue stick)

Functional and beautiful. 

That is the mission statement of the GLOO range by KOKUYO. Amongst the many items produced, the glue stick is the most popular. 

It has won many stationery awards including the grand prize at 2019's The Best of Stationery.

At first glance, it is quite obvious how it is different from the usual glue stick. The square shape helps one apply it easily right up to the edges/corners of paper. Not only that, the quadrangular shape ensures a good grip and will not roll off the desk easily when not in use. 

The cap has a larger edge making it easier to open with just one hand and you can also close it easily by simply pressing the main part against the cap. 

The overall design looks extremely sleek as well and will look good on anyone's desk.
Functional and beautiful indeed. 

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Friday, March 12, 2021

Review: Deli Cream Correction Tape


Midori notebooks with their signature cream coloured paper are a staple here at TN5C. 
Mistakes when writing are inevitable so having to use a white correction tape on the cream paper can be very frustrating. 

There are a few options for cream coloured correction tape out there but some are difficult to procure. 
These deli ones were the easiest for me to purchase. 

I bought 2 different types, a regular tape which is 5mm wide by 10m and a 2 sided cream/white tape where each side is 5mm by 5m. 

The colour of the cream coloured tape matches the midori paper really well. 

Above you can see writing,  and below after the use of the correction tape. 

It blends in so well. 

The tape quality is good too, no peeling and the surface is easy to write on. 

There are a few cons, the first is that after using the tape, the ink is not as pigmented as before. 
The other con is that it only comes in a 5mm width, making is difficult for people with smaller handwriting or smaller notebooks. 

Overall, I use this tape quite often, I no longer get annoyed by the mismatch of white tape on midori paper. 
I highly recommend buying cream coloured correction tape if you're a fan of cream coloured paper!

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Friday, March 5, 2021

Review : Sakura Craypas Ballsign iD [6 types of black color]

Sakura Craypas [Japanese stationery brand] has launched a new line of gel ink pens to the evergrowing stationery market in Japan. It is the "Ballsign iD" series.

These pens are refillable and the body features a hexagon type shape to make it easy to hold [and to prevent it from rolling away]. The sharp edges are also rounded to make it more comfortable to grip. 

Here is the display in store [in Japan]

There are 6 colors available;

  •  Pure Black (Black Black),
  • Night Black (Blue Black),
  • Mocha Black (Brown Black)
  • Forest Black (Green Black)
  • Cassis Black (Red Black)
  • Mysterious Black (Purple Black)
I picked up 3 of them in 0.5mm to try. 
Its also available in 0.4mm and the body is a light gray unlike the dark gray 0.5mm line.

The colors are very interesting and subtly different from just black to add to one's writing without an overbearing presence of color. 

Overall, I'm very pleased with how smoothly they write and the matte body of the pen looks stylish as well. I'll be picking up the remaining colors soon!

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Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday, February 19, 2021

Review: Fusen Marker by Kanmido

Highlighters, there are a lot of different kinds on the market. 
This new release is a highlighter but with one difference, it's not a pen.

The Kanmido fusen marker is highlighter in tape form.
I was very intrigued when it came out and I decided to pick it up. 
It comes in many colours like pink, grey, striped and of course, the standard highlighter yellow, there's also a version for studying/memorising. 

First impressions, the packaging is aesthetically pleasing and compact. 
The tape dispenser and small and flat, similar to a correction tape dispenser. 

The instructions are neatly tucked into the packaging.

How to use the tape? It's not as straightforward as using a correction tape dispenser.

It can be a bit tedious.
1. Pull the tape out of the dispenser
2. Align it to the text
3. 'highlight' whilst still holding on to the end of the tape
4. Angle the dispenser to cut the tape

The process can be pretty annoying if you have a lot of text to highlight or if you're using it for an extended period of time. 

So why should you buy this fusen highlighter?

It's removable. 

Should you buy it?
Yes if the removable feature is important to you. 
Otherwise, it would be too much effort to use this fusen highlighter, buying a pen highlighter would be preferable.

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Friday, February 12, 2021

Review : みんなのツバメノート (Everyone's Swallow Notebook) Mook

Have you heard of Swallow Notebooks?

They are known as one of the most classic luxury Japanese college notebooks in Japan and are well loved by many stationery enthusiasts. So when they released a mook, I simply had to buy it!

There is a small booklet featuring the history of the notebook and various other related information.
However, the multi-use case is what I was really after.

At first glance, it is obvious the case is very well made. The design, a replica of their famous notebooks, is gorgeous to say the least. 

The case is lightly padded and the book bind doubles as a pen holder. There are also two zipper pulls featuring some beautiful rose gold charms of their logo.

The inside is light grey nylon with a detachable pencil case. It will fit an A5 notebook comfortably as well as many other things in its numerous compartments.

A beautiful functional piece which would be at home in anyone's stationery collection. 

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Friday, February 5, 2021

Review: Animal Crossing X Gelato Pique Special Book (with Tote and Pouch!)

Animal crossing on the Nintendo switch was a big hit in 2020. 
I played it almost everyday in 2020. 

It's super cute and fun, there's a lot of merchandise being made for Animal Crossing but this Gelato Pique special book collaboration is probably the cutest. 

Besides a catalogue of the brand's collaboration items available for sale, the book includes a bag and a pouch for your switch. 

In usual Gelato Pique fashion, the collaboration items are adorable and cozy-looking. 
Also, I love that it all features the adorable twin Nook's Cranny owners, Timmy & Tommy. 

It wouldn't be a collaboration without their own designs which you can download via the creator code.

The code is: MA-6057-8170-1209 (internet access and Able Sister's store required)

You're probably wondering why we've chosen to review this on the blog. 
We've noticed on instagram that even non-game players have been purchasing this and using it as storage for their notebooks. 

You could use the pouch as a case for pens and other stationery too. 
The charm detail is so cute. 

And of course, it fits the Nintendo Switch perfectly. 

The bag is a compact open top tote bag. 

The lining is adorable and features a myriad of some of the more popular villagers of Animal Crossing. 
(The inside of the pouch also features this print!)

There are 2 big compartments, 4 internal pockets and 1 external pocket. 

Along with the switch, you could a lot of notebooks/folders as seen above, the small pockets could also hold things like washi tape, cards, paper and other things for journalling on the go.
Or use it at home to keep your table organised!

Isn't it cute? I think I'll get a lot of use out this bag. 

If you're an Animal Crossing fan, you need this!

You can find this book at your local Japanese book store, amazon japan and other similar stores. 


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