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Friday, December 25, 2020

January 2021 Printable


I can't believe it's 2021 already! 

We've been loving this romantic pink/grey colour scheme in 2020, we had to bring it back again. 

May your new diaries be productive and your year amazing. 

Happy New Year!
Download here: Link
See instagram for netprint/ibon details. 

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Friday, December 18, 2020

Review: Thermal Printer, Paperang V1

You might have noticed thermal printers like the one above appearing all over social media. 

They come in many shapes and sizes, different types and colours of paper and some even do labels! 

I purchased the paperang V1 a while ago, there has since been a few updated models.

The basics are similar, it's a printer that uses thermal paper (like the ones stores use to print receipts on)
There's an app, you connect via bluetooth and you print. 

The biggest difference between this version and a newer one, that I can see, is the dpi quality.  
Also, a thermal printer only prints in 1 colour, it's usually black and you can get a different colour by buying specific paper. 

I have normal paper, it looks and feels like a receipt. 

I also have sticker paper, the same as above but with an adhesive back. 

and my favourite of all the papers, semi translucent sticker. 

Everything you print looks prettier on this paper, great for overlays and layouts with ephemera. 
If you were thinking of buying a thermal printer. I highly recommend buying semi translucent paper. 

Other than the paper, the printer is easy to use though the app is quite limited. 
Also, as it is only 1 colour, things like pictures might be difficult to print although not impossible, all it takes is trial and error to get the right settings. 

Do you own a thermal printer, what do you like about it? 

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Friday, December 11, 2020

PRINTABLE : Christmas Tags 2020

Its that time of the year again and our annual free holiday season gift tags are back! 
This year's design features a twist on the ever beloved green red color scheme.

And its a perfect match for this month's free date printable too so its perfect for journaling as well!

Download Here  (HAGAKI/Postcard/A6 size)
For ibon/netprint info, please see instagram.

Happy Holidays from TN5C!

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Friday, December 4, 2020

New Pentel Energel Colours!

We're big fans of Pentel's Energel line of pens here at TN5C and I was so excited when I saw these in the store. 

Energel is one of the smoothest, most pigmented pens out there so the more colours the better! 

All these pens come in singles too so if you only like 1 or 2 colours, you can definitely just buy those. 

The new colours come in 0.7mm which is great for general writing as well as lettering and illustration. 

The new colours include a yellow, peach, fuchsia, light purple, forest green, maroon, brown and light grey. All unique colours that are vibrant and fun! 

Still need a Christmas gift for that stationery lover in your life?
These would be great! 

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Friday, November 27, 2020

December 2020 Printable


Its the last month of the year and we are bringing you some holiday cheer with this free download in festive colors.

Featuring some quirky shapes that would brighten up any layout!

For ibon/netprint info, please see instagram. 
Download here: Link

Here at TN5C we are so grateful for your support throughout this year and we hope to see you again next year!

Happy Holidays from TN5C! 

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Friday, November 20, 2020

2021 Planner: Midori Professional Weekly Vertical Diary (Slim A5)


We're in the tail end of 2020 and it's diary/planner buying time! 
I looked around for awhile before finally deciding on a Midori professional slim A5 diary. 

Here were my requirements when I was looking at planners: 

  • Able to use it for work
  • Good paper
  • Easy to carry around
  • Not too small
  • Vertical weekly layout
For reference, my 2020 diary is the Hightide Nahe schedule book. 

Before I continue, I'd like to point out the planner does not come with the buckle pictured. 
However, it is also by Midori and I highly recommend it. 
It secures the notebook closure and is also a penholder. 

The Midori planner has a nice soft touch matte cover that looks very sharp.
The notebook paper is Midori's signature off white paper, which is amazing quality paper.

It comes with the standard yearly, month pages, a small section for notes, to-dos and small sections of international holidays and Japan metro maps. 

What I really liked is the vertical layout fit nicely in the slim A5 size. 
As a bonus, the Travelers Notebook pencil board fits perfectly. 

My planner starts in December and I can't wait to start using it. 
There's something about starting a new notebook that is just so satisfying. 

If you'd in the market for a new planner, this is one you might want to look into too. 

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Friday, November 13, 2020

Friday, November 6, 2020

REVIEW : Maruman 100th Anniversary MiniMini Binder + Loose leaf refill

MARUMAN (Japanese stationery brand) is celebrating its 100th year anniversary this year and there has been quite a big line up of limited edition products! The latest to hit the shelves are the MINI MINI BINDERS and the matching loose leaf refills!


There are 4 in all [pls note the black CROQUIS binder is only available from LOFT and not sold anywhere else] with the DO IT YOURSELF! edition being one of the most popular. The cover is a slip pocket so you can customize it yourself. (Hence the name)

How it looks on the inside
The 5 ring binders feature covers lay flat when open making it very easy to use.

Loose Leaf Refill sets

There are two different sets available.

Size difference from the usual sized product
Note: The mini mini size is a LE run but you can cut the normal sized paper to fit your mini mini binders.

The entire collection
Overall Thoughts
This is such a cute release and the binders are actually quite functional. The size is perfect for those on the go and it looks great in pictures too. I hope they make this release/size permanent!

Related Website : http://www.e-maruman.co.jp/maruman100th/item/

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Friday, October 30, 2020

November 2020 Printable

November brings warm fall hues and we've integrated it with geometric shapes. 

As always, we hope you enjoy the printable and do remember to tag us if you use it! 

Download here: Link

See instagram for netprint/ibon information! 

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Friday, October 23, 2020

REVIEW : NICHIBAN Masking Tape Dispenser/Cutter

We are on a roll (pun intended) with the washi tape cutter theme posts of late. Recently, I've noticed an increase amount of pictures/recommendations of this particular masking tape dispenser online. Ever the most easily swayed when it comes to new stationary, I hunted it down and purchased it almost immediately once i found it.

NICHIBAN Masking Tape Dispenser/Cutter 

There is a lever on the side which dispenses the tape as you press it down. Once you get the length of tape you want, you press the button on the opposite side and that cuts the tape. All this can be achieved with just one hand leaving you free to use the other hand to hold down what you need to be held together.

This cutter comes with a roll of masking tape but you can easily switch it out with tape you want to use. Anything that is 15mm width with a wide enough cardboard core should fit [as shown below with MT tape]

Masking tape that is thinner in width will work as long as the cardboard core fits.

Final thoughts : This is a really useful addition to my desk and I am considering buying another as a backup!


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Friday, October 16, 2020

Review: Daiso Washi Tape Cutter

There are many types of washi tape cutters in the market, one of my favourites is the Kokuya washi tape cutter and Daiso has released a version that looks really similar to it.

You get 2 cutters in the packaging which is such a good deal. 
However one of the cutters turned out to be faulty, but I had another one, so it worked out. 

Left: Kokuyo Right: Daiso

The Daiso cutter is slightly bigger and more boxy than the Kokuyo cutter. 

The clip mechanism is quite different too.
 Kokuyo's has 2 parts so it can adjust to the thickness of the washi tape roll, and it also has a series of grooves for better grip. 
Daiso's is more simple, it is just a plain clip with a small lip so the roll of tape doesn't fall off, in theory anyway. 

Kokuyo's has 1 set of fine metal teeth for tape cutting whilst Daiso's has 2 sets of plastic teeth, 1 fine, 1 coarse. 

The fine teeth on both are quite comparable when it comes to the cut tape edges however I found the metal one on the Kokuyo easier to use. 

I do like the coarse teeth on the Daiso tape cutter too, it gave the cut tape edge a more unfinished look which would look great in layouts. 

As you can see, Kokuyo's washi tape cutter is rounder, smoother and more ergonomic. 
It also has grip, so once you position the cutter, tearing the tape is super simple. 
This tape cutter also comes in 2 sizes to fit different widths of washi tape. 

Daiso's tape cutter is more basic and simple, it's longer which would mean it would fit most washi tapes without the need to own more than one. The disadvantage of the shape however, is that you would need to hold on to the cutter to get a good tear on the tape.

Both tape cutters are great however the Kokuyo tape cutter can cost 2-3 times more than Daiso's. The Kokuyo cutter also comes in more designs and colours. 

Kokuyo is more ergonomic so if you're someone who tears a lot of tape, I would recommend the Kokuyo tape cutter. 

However, if you only use the cutter occasionally, the Daiso would suffice, it is easy to use, produces nice cut edges and you get 2 pieces! 

Which one are you planning to buy? We'd love to know! 

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Friday, October 9, 2020

Review : PENTEL Pianissimo Revival LE Sideknock Mechanical Pencil


Japanese stationery brand PENTEL has relaunched one of its old collections Pianissimo; Mechanical Pencils that has a push button on the side.

The collection includes exact copies of its 1996 design as well as a series of updated designs.

For those of us who have lived through the era, this design is definitely nostalgic and it is so easy to use, it makes one wonder why it ever went out of style in the first place. So even if its not something you ever used before, its definitely worth trying out.

Have you tried the side click mechanical pencils before? 

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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Review: 2 Lines Pen


I picked up these fun pens from a random bookstore recently.

The pens have a retro feel about that which I really liked. It looks like something I would've bought back in primary school. 

There are 6 colours and each pen tip is 0.5mm. 
The colours are pink/blue, blue/purple, darkblue/orange, green/blue, orange/brown and red/black.  

The colours are nice and pigmented and easy to write with. 

Angling the pen in different directions produces different results, all  of which look trippy and cool. 

Don't rub your eyes, the picture isn't blurry. It's the effect of the pens. 

It's perfect for journalling, diary or just for fun!

If you collect pens, this set is really fun. I definitely recommend this. 

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Friday, September 25, 2020

October 2020 Printable

My personal favorite month of the year is upon us and I am excited to be sharing October's printable with you!

Featuring some hand drawn clouds (yes its not from a photo!) and our favorite color palette.

Make it even better by printing it out on sticker paper! How about vellum printable sticker paper or washi printable paper? We have it all at our etsy store over here! (Opens in new window)

Tag us at #TN5Cprintable if you use it! We would love to check out your creations!
Download here

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