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Friday, October 23, 2020

REVIEW : NICHIBAN Masking Tape Dispenser/Cutter

We are on a roll (pun intended) with the washi tape cutter theme posts of late. Recently, I've noticed an increase amount of pictures/recommendations of this particular masking tape dispenser online. Ever the most easily swayed when it comes to new stationary, I hunted it down and purchased it almost immediately once i found it.

NICHIBAN Masking Tape Dispenser/Cutter 

There is a lever on the side which dispenses the tape as you press it down. Once you get the length of tape you want, you press the button on the opposite side and that cuts the tape. All this can be achieved with just one hand leaving you free to use the other hand to hold down what you need to be held together.

This cutter comes with a roll of masking tape but you can easily switch it out with tape you want to use. Anything that is 15mm width with a wide enough cardboard core should fit [as shown below with MT tape]

Masking tape that is thinner in width will work as long as the cardboard core fits.

Final thoughts : This is a really useful addition to my desk and I am considering buying another as a backup!



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