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Friday, February 23, 2024

Friday, February 9, 2024

Review: Aderia Retro Frixion Pens Set by PLUS

"Aderia Retro" is a range of products that have been inspired by Aderia glassware, which was once used in Showa era homes. One of the representative products are printed glasses with cute patterns such as flowers and animals.

They have collaborated with stationery brand PLUS to create pens with the "Aderia Retro" pattern.

Ball diameter: 0.6mm
Ink: Friction ink (water-based gel ink)
Ink color: 4 colors (emerald green, sky blue, navy, soft green)
Size: Total length 148mm

Very eye catching designs suitable for everyone.

Here are the swatches:

Since the pens are FRIXION pens, the ink is completely erasable just rubbing it with the end [or any exposure to heat about temperature of around 65c].

Frixion pens have always been a fave here at TN5C for its versatility and ease of use. These nostalgic designs make them a treat to use. 
What do you think?

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Friday, February 2, 2024

Review: Mococo pouch by Kokuyo


I am obsessed with puffy pouches at the moment so when I saw the Mococo pillow pouch by Kokuyo, I couldn't resist. 

It comes in 3 colours (white, blue and red) and it's dimensions are 18cm x 7cm x 10cm.

It's main selling points are that it opens 180 degrees to a flat position, making it great for access to pens and the pillowy texture can protect your more fragile stationery. 

With it's soft texture, it can fit quite a few items. 
My only worry is that the fabric might be easily stained if you store pens that might leak and that sort of thing. 

As a bonus, if you have small toys like nendoroids or figurines, the pouch is the perfect protection for them on the go. 

I love this pouch, the material is a lot more pillowy than it looks which in turn feels quite protective. 
As mentioned above, I do worry about staining but I think it could be solved with fabric protection spray. 

It's also not as bulky as you would think, the cushion allows it to fit into bags easily. 

I do think it could do with an extra pocket for loose items but it's great and I hope they will release more colours! 

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