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Friday, February 2, 2024

Review: Mococo pouch by Kokuyo


I am obsessed with puffy pouches at the moment so when I saw the Mococo pillow pouch by Kokuyo, I couldn't resist. 

It comes in 3 colours (white, blue and red) and it's dimensions are 18cm x 7cm x 10cm.

It's main selling points are that it opens 180 degrees to a flat position, making it great for access to pens and the pillowy texture can protect your more fragile stationery. 

With it's soft texture, it can fit quite a few items. 
My only worry is that the fabric might be easily stained if you store pens that might leak and that sort of thing. 

As a bonus, if you have small toys like nendoroids or figurines, the pouch is the perfect protection for them on the go. 

I love this pouch, the material is a lot more pillowy than it looks which in turn feels quite protective. 
As mentioned above, I do worry about staining but I think it could be solved with fabric protection spray. 

It's also not as bulky as you would think, the cushion allows it to fit into bags easily. 

I do think it could do with an extra pocket for loose items but it's great and I hope they will release more colours! 


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