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Friday, September 24, 2021

October 2021 Printable

October is my favorite month of the year and what better time to showcase my favorite color scheme as well! It is inspired by one of my favorite beverages in the world. Cafe latte!!

Download HERE.
Netprint (Japan) and IBON (Taiwan) details can be found on our instagram.

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Friday, September 17, 2021

Review: MUJI Sign Pens + MUJI Highlighters (New colors)

 I was in MUJI recently and could not resist picking up the new highlighter colors alongside the new Sign pens they had.

I did a review of the highlighters previously and these are the 3 new colors; Greyish Cyan, Olive Green and Lilac.

As you can see, the colors are quite pigmented compared the ever favorite MILDLINER. 

Whilst I personally really like these unique shades, I do wonder if they are a little too dark to be used as actual highlighters.

And for those curious, here is the entire lineup of these highlighters from MUJI.

Now let's talk about the new sign pens!

I picked them in these two shades : black + greyish cyan (Yes I really like this color)

Here they are alongside most popular sign pens aka PENTEL sign pens. 

And here's how they compare when used. As you can see the PENTEL sign pen is more like a brush and the tip is more flexible whilst the MUJI sign pen has a more rigid and thinner tip.

I really like writing with the MUJI sign pens and I think they have more unique colors [such as this greyish cyan]. I'll definitely be getting the whole collection next time!

Update: I've since purchase the entire collection, here they are + the swatches

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Friday, September 10, 2021

Review: Midori Paintable Stamp and Notebook

The midori paintable stamp series is not that new but I decided to pick it up when I spotted the notebook and color pens (this will be a different blogpost)

The stamp is self inking and the ink is oil-based. 

There are english instructions included on the inside of the insert and a useful disclaimer that says there might be too much ink released on first use. 

The notebook comes a few colours, included are instructions. 

There's also a really cute sample print. 

One of the features of the notebook is a fold over cover to prevent ink from transferring between pages, which I think is a great idea. 

There are 59 cream coloured grid pages. 
The paper is designed to prevent the ink of stamps from bleeding through. 

The rings in the centre are omitted to allow for easier stamping. 

The stamp is easy to use, it takes a few tries to get the pressure right. 
The stamps are a bit more expensive than what I expect to pay but they are good quality and the designs are good for different uses. 

The paper of the notebook is true to its claims, I tried other stamps/inks and there was no bleed whatsoever. 
However, the paper is thick and not great for using it in other journals, the notebook would have to be a dedicated stamping journal. 

I probably wouldn't buy the notebook again but I would like to try the other stamps from the range.


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Friday, September 3, 2021


Newly spotted in DAISO 100yen stores : MT Point Seal Series

And these aren't just masking tape texture, they are actually made by MT of MT masking tape fame!

Curious to see how they stack up, I bought two sets to try.

Each set contains 2 identical sheets each having 3 colors in 4 different sizes. (20mm, 12mm, 8mm and 5mm in diameter)
As with other items made by MT, these are also made in Japan.

Each sticker is reposition-able just like the tape put out by MT; ie. remove very easily without tearing. And like the MT tape, they are very sticky yet leave behind no reside when removed. It is clear that they are much nicer in quality than many of the generic masking tape stickers put out by DAISO.

I tried searching for more news about them online but was only able to find this small piece of news on their official facebook account regarding the sale of these point seals sold at an event in a store in KYOTO. These were sold in sets of 3 sheets for 165yen (in contrast to the set of 2 sheets for 110yen at DAISO)

This is definitely another item to look out for in DAISO!

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Friday, August 27, 2021

Friday, August 20, 2021

DIY sticker book (using our sticker release paper)

Sticker release paper is coated paper you can use to store your stickers.

The stickers are removable and the paper is reusable. 

Note: adhesive effectiveness may depend on the sticker/manufacturer.  

In this post, we'll learn how to make a Slim A5/Travelers Notebook personal insert size sticker book. 

 Watch a video of this DIY on our youtube channel.

You'll need:
1 x A4 card (for the cover)
1 set of A4 sticker release sheets (we recommend a maximum of 10 sheets for the notebook)
1 stapler 

Buy sticker release paper here.

You'll also need a bone folder (or something with a blunt edge), 2 paperclips, a cutter and a ruler. 

You don't need to use an office grade stapler, there are ways to staple bind the notebook with an everyday stapler.
I'm using this long stapler from threeppy, your local office supply store should sell something similar, it's a good item to have for making your own notebooks. 

Step 1: fold the A4 card and all the sticker release sheets. 

This will make it easier to keep a notebook shape. 

Step 2: Align all the sheets and secure 2 sides with the paper clips. 

Step 3: Measure and mark where you'd like the staples to go. 
Step 4: Align the stapler to the fold of the card and staple the sheets together. 

This is what the staples look like inside and outside. Folding the paper at the beginning helps with the alignment. 

Step 5: Because of the thickness of the paper, after the binding, there will be some edges that will stick out. 
I recommend trimming them off. 

Step 6 (optional): You can leave the book as A5 or measure and trim it again to make a travelers notebook insert, also known as slim A5. 

I used the offcuts to create a mini book, it's great for keeping random strips of washi tape or giving stickers to friends! 

Final step is to decorate your new notebook! 

If you need more pages or the ability to swap out pages, we also have A5 sticker release sheets that can be punched with 6 or 20 hole upon request. 

Don't forget to check out our Etsy store. 

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Friday, August 13, 2021

Review : Kyowa Film Filing Seal

 Do you use ring binders? If you do, this product might be just what you need.

Kyowa Film Filing Seal

Each pack comes with 2 sheets and there is 12 [or 6 pairs] stickers on each sheet.
They are made of a plasticky film making them very sturdy (won't tear) even if you have to attach it to something heavy. 

For example, an entire pack of sticky notes. 
Pictured with a 20 ring A5 binder.

Or you can use it to attach a divider or a photo you like
Pictured below with an A5 6 ring binder.

Or how about a name card or something of interesting?
(Pictured below with an A6 mini binder)

The usage are endless!
Have you tried these tabs out?
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Friday, August 6, 2021

Review: Uniball One Vintage Colour


It's another pen review~ 

This time it's the limited edition vintage colour Uni-ball one from Mitsubishi Pencil. 

I adore vintage colour pens and the packaging for this set just stood out so much, I had to pick it up. 

There are 5 pens in this set, each pen is 0.38mm. 

The Uni-ball one is a gel ink pen. 
The 5 colours are gorgeous and really have the vintage theme down.

The only thing that bothers me is that it is 0.38mm. 
I usually use 0.5 and above so this feels a bit thin, but that's just my personal preference. 

I own 2 of the Sarasa grand pens and the colours looked similar so I've done a comparison here. 

Again, because the Sarasa is 0.5mm, the colour looks a bit richer. 

However, the Sarasa grand costs a lot more so if you want an affordable vintage colour set, I would definitely recommend the Uni-ball. 

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Friday, July 30, 2021

August 2021 Printable

Welcome to August!! Are you looking forward to the 2nd half of the year?
Here is this month's date printable : 

This month's printable features some muted tones and colors. 

Download HERE.
Netprint (Japan) and IBON (Taiwan) details can be found on our instagram.

Do tag us in your creations! We would love to see them!
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Friday, July 23, 2021

A guide to TN5C's sticker paper (washi and vellum)

I'd like to introduce you to our sticker paper, which you can find in our store. 

Below I'll introduce the differences between the papers; how it looks with laser printing vs inkjet printing and comparing both to a regular gloss sticker paper and matte sticker paper

Both the Vellum and Washi sticker paper are semi opaque and the main difference is in the texture. 

Vellum is smooth.
Washi has the typical washi tape texture.

The stickers are placed here on vellum paper, which is similar to tracing paper and is semi opaque.

You can see that whilst matte and glossy are fully opaque, both the washi and vellum are partially see through.

The stickers are shown here on an acrylic sheet.


Printing on a Laser Printer

We're printed the stickers on an HP colour laser printer. 

printer settings: we recommend using matte paper. (settings are the same for both papers)

As you can see, photos and text all print nicely. 
The vellum is slightly more vibrant than the washi sticker paper. 


Placed on vellum paper here. 

The stickers are layered here to show the various levels of transparency.


Printing on an Inkjet Printer

We're printed the stickers on a Canon colour inkjet printer. 

printer settings: we recommend using default settings. If that doesn't work well, try printing as tracing paper or high quality print. (settings are the same for both papers)

Photos can be printed but will not show the same sharpness as a regular print. 

Placed on vellum paper here. 

The stickers are layered here to show the various levels of transparency.


We hope the above guide was useful. 

You can purchase the paper using the links below.

The graphics featured are from our cafe circle sticker set; Available here.

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