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Friday, November 5, 2021

Deco Rush Renewal


There are so many choices of journal decoration out there. 
The Deco Rush by plus is one of our favourites, cute designs in a correction tape format. 

Plus recently released a renewal of the Deco rush, a simpler packaging with cute and versatile designs.
The new tapes are distinguishable by the off white cardboard packaging and new logo.

Inside, each tape dispenser is a block colour, again with the very aesthetic new logo and the tape design in a simple label. 

The renewal tapes are 6mm, which is between what previous tapes have been (anywhere from 4.5 to 10mm)

The size is perfect for planners, small enough to fit in between lines and small squares. 

I picked up 6 designs, which is all I could find as they appear to be really popular!
I like how they're all perfect for planners, coffee, car, cat, journalling and game controllers are definitely ones I will use a lot. 

Left: 10mm Petit Deco Rush, Right: Deco Rush renewal

The tape fits well in my Midori professional planner. 

I'm going to keep my eye out for other designs but since some are limited, it might be difficult. 

What are your thoughts on the Deco Rush renewal line? 


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