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Friday, July 28, 2023

Friday, July 21, 2023

Review: Airdo Stationery Set


I enjoy looking at airline merchandise, especially stuff that you only buy onboard.

Airdo is a Japan domestic airline owned by ANA that serves Hokkaido. 
They have the cutest bear mascot. 

I've flown with them a few times and on my recent flight, picked up this stationery set. 

It comes with a Frixion multi colour pen, 2 rolls of washi tape, a set of adhesive notepaper and a backing/information card for 1,500yen (approximately 11USD) 

The notepaper comes in 4 designs and there are 25 sheets of each design. 
All the designs are great for travel and super cute! 
I really appreciate the different colours too.

There are 2 rolls of washi tape, one is a decorative tape while the other can be used for journalling/planner.

As you can see, the mascot is pretty prominent on all the merchandise, super cute!

Lastly, you need a pen and the multi coloured frixion pen is perfect for travel! 

This is such a cute travel set, it would make a great souvenir or gift for someone you know.

If you're flying from anywhere in Japan to Hokkaido, be sure to look up Airdo. 
Items for sale are updated monthly so make sure to check the merchandise page before you fly. 

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Friday, July 14, 2023

Review: PILOT X Nicola 11th Collaboration

Pilot Corporation has collaborated with popular teen magazine "Nicola" to release a series of stationery. It includes the mechanical pencil "Doctor Grip CL Playborder", Mechanical pencil “Air Blanc” and Permanent marker “Twin Marker Fine/Extra Fine” . Additionally, a matching “Mesh Pen Case" has also been released.

There are 4 design collections in all

We have picked up the Twin Marker in a monochromatic design

Like the standard twin marker, they have a fine and super fine nib.

Here are the other designs available.

What do you think? Would the packaging entice you to purchase it?

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Friday, July 7, 2023

Pilot Frixion Ball 3 Wood Gift Set


Japanese stationery brands occasionally release their regular line of products in special packaging. 
These make great gifts. 

This coffee themed Frixion Ball 3 Wood gift set caught my eye, because y'know, coffee. 

The set includes a Frixion Ball 3 Wood, an instruction sheet, a tag to show what's inside the box, a box with a magnetic closure and cute illustration, and a gift tag. 

The gift tag is pretty special too, the flower embellishment is a seed paper.
You can plant it thereby upcycling it! 
Did I mention instructions included? Very cool!

I don't usually use Frixion pens so this is my first 3 in one Frixion. 
It has a wood grip and appears to be made with premium materials. 
I enjoyed the weight and solid feel, this would indeed be a good gift. 

And finally, I have to mention the selling point of the Frixion pen, the ink is erasable. 
Not a great gift for someone who works in a professional setting as you shouldn't use erasable ink on important/official documents, but it would be great for a casual user or a student. 

What do you think? Is this something you would purchase for a gift? 

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