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Friday, June 26, 2020

July 2020 Printable

 Time for another free monthly printable! This month features a rather romantic theme but in neutral tones which should go with many different styles and straight edges is always a bonus [easy to cut XD]
Im so in love with this color scheme I've printed it out on washi paper instead! 
Note: This is at 50% the size of the pdf but you can print it at 100% too!

If you want to do the same, you can find printable washi paper in our newly reopened etsy store over here! (Opens in new window)

Tag us at #TN5Cprintable if you use it! We would love to check out your creations!
Download here

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Friday, June 19, 2020

Review: Daiso Stamp Sheet and Stamp Block

I love stamps and have never thought much of Daiso's offerings until now. 
I purchased these Daiso stamp sheets and stamp block at the beginning of the year. 
Each sheet has a theme and designs that correspond to that theme. 

stamp sheets 'Daily' and 'Leisure' 

I picked up 5 designs and a stamp block but I understand Daiso has since expanded the range and added new designs! 

stamp sheets 'Speech bubble', 'Travel' and 'Cafe' 

Each set is sandwiched between 2 plastic sheets, 1 of which has the designs printed on it which is great for storage. 

The stamp block is a typical acrylic block, it's a good size and fits even the biggest stamp from the sheets. 

Stamping is easy, peel off one of the stamps and place in on the block, ink it and stamp! 
The process and feel is very similar to other stamp sheets. 

Each stamp design is cute and a good size. I found the designs fit well in my A5 planner. 

The stamps print nicely and the designs are very usable.
I do recommend using ink that is more concentrated like versafine. 

And as a bonus, the stamp sheets fit nicely in a sticker folder.
If you decide to use the cardboard backing, a bit of trimming will be required. 

I'm so glad Daiso has released these stamp sheets. 
Cute stationery at good prices is always a bonus! 

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Friday, June 12, 2020

Review: SSUEIM&CCLIM Calligraphy Book (3000 쓸수록 끌리는 캘리그라피)

Here at TN5C we love buying interesting stationery as a souvenir whilst on holiday.
One of the many items we purchased is a book on learning calligraphy.

But with a twist! We are learning to write Korean characters calligraphy. 
Size : 205 x 200mm

The author suggests using anything you are comfortable with, such as ball pen, brush pen and even pencil. Thankfully, the paper is very thick so there is no need to worry about ink going through it or ghosting on the other side. 

After practising smaller sets of words, you can also try write longer phrases. A good way to learn word arrangement.

I find it hard to find lessons or tips on writing non english calligraphy at times so it was thrilling to find this book and I've been trying to practise as much as I can.
All in all, a very good buy.
Do you buy things like this when you go on holiday?

In other exciting news, we have revamped our Etsy store and added a whole bunch of new stickers. Do check them out because for the first time ever, the printable versions are also for sale! That's right, you can purchase the file and print them at home as many times as you want. If you need sticker paper, don't forget to check out the ones we stock. We even have printable vellum sticker paper AND printable washi sticker paper!
Our store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheNumber5Co

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Friday, June 5, 2020

Instagram Stories Templates + Printable #1, #2, #3

In May, we introduced Instagram templates. 
You can find them in the highlights of our profile page. 

As analog stationery lovers, we thought some of you might like these templates as printables.
Here are the first 3 templates as printables:

Are you feeling blue? 

 blushing pink? 

or have you embraced the plant lover life! 

Download the printable here: Link
(We recommend printing on A5 paper, or 2 on 1 A4 sheet if you're able to)

Do tag us in any layouts or stories templates that you use! 

Are there any templates/printables you'd like to see, tell us in the comments! 

P.S In case you missed it, our store is open. 

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