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Friday, January 25, 2019

February 2019 Printable

February reminds us of all things sweets and with that in mind, we have created this month’s printable!

We were heavily inspired by vintage colors and designs.

As always, tag us #TN5Cprintable on instagram to show us your pages! 

Download our free printable here. 

p.s If you are thinking about printing this on sticker paper. Check out all the new additions to our Etsy store. We have lots in stock including printable washi sticker paper! Do check it out here!

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Friday, January 18, 2019

2019 Bullet Journal Setup

It’s always nice to start the year with a fresh new notebook.

I’m using a bullet journal for the 3rd year in a row. That’s a bit of an accomplishment but it really is the best planner system I’ve found.

This year I decided to go with an Archer and Olive A5 dot grid notebook. I love how things like the pen loop and pocket are built in and that the paper is 160gsm, great for laying on colour/drawing and mixed media.

The first 2 pages are laid out as a grid spacing guide (that I’m working on) and my 2019 resolutions.

I decided that I would leave out all the suggested bullet journal pages in favour of ones that I do use.

I then followed that up with 12 spreads of monthly overviews. I used calendar stickers on one side and the other side I will be using for writing down birthdays, events and anything that I will need a quick reference for.

Of course, I need a spread for blogposts. I used film fusens and MT tape to mark out and plan them.

For the January layout, I went with the vertical overview and to do list on 2 pages. I’ve been doing that since I started bullet journaling and I’ve found it very effective so why change it if it’s not broken.

I continued with the vertical theme in the weekly layouts. At the bottom of each day is a spending tracker, I used to do it on a single page but felt that having a daily one made accounting for where my money is going easier to see at the end of the month.

Finally, at the end of each month, I use whatever leftover space is available, or if there isn’t any, I use a post it note, to write a list of things for next month. I transfer all that information to the vertical monthly overview when I set up that month’s pages.

So that was a very basic overview to my 2019 Bullet Journal. I’m adding pages as I go.

What essentials are in your bujo? I’d love to know! and if you haven’t started one yet it’s never too late!

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Friday, January 11, 2019

365日ノート (365 Days NoteBook)

One of my absolute favorite purchases of 2018 was my 365日ノート (365 Days NoteBook). There are many sizes available and as a trial, I purchased it in A6 size. The notebook is fairly thick with 380 sheets of tear off paper and a thick piece of cardboard with a grid print that serves as a writing guide. Each sheet of paper is translucent Japanese paper called, Junpakushi. (which makes the writing guide provided usable simply by placing it under the sheet of paper you want to use.) Despite how thin and delicate the paper might appear to be, it is actually extremely durable. One can use fountain ink or even markers on it without worrying about it seeping through.

I had bought the notebook on advice from someone that I could use it to stamp on and cut the images later. Since the paper is thin, it looks almost invisible when I stick it in my journal. A particularly useful feature when I bring a few pages with me on a road trip to collect any stamps I encounter. (In Japan many areas of interest provide a commemorative stamp one can use.)

Needless to say I recommend this notebook highly and will be looking to buy more from this range soon!


What about you? Have you tried them out??

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Friday, January 4, 2019

MOOK REVIEW : Mizutama's How to make a cute diary

Following the success of her MOOK [magazine book] last year, popular Japanese illustrator Mizutama has launched another for 2019. As before, the MOOK comes with her trademark whimsical illustrations alongside many tips on how to decorate one’s diary or journal.

A set of foam stamps featuring her drawings are also included. If you had bought the previous MOOK, you will find that they coordinate perfectly!

Considering how useful the previous stamps have been, I’m certain the current issue’s will be just as good.

Highly recommended!

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