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Friday, March 8, 2024

Review: Ukanmuri Clip by Sun-Star


A quick review this week. 

Study stationery definitely deserves it's own category. 
The designs that come out are completely different from the usual stationery. 

Part practical, part aesthetic and part ergonomic. 
Like this Ukanmuri page holder clip by Bandai Namco. 

It's use is pretty straightforward. 
Hold open textbooks, recipe books, music scores, notebooks, basically any book for easy reference 

First up, it comes in a very pleasing pastel colour, which would fit into any study inspo instagram post. 
Then it's made a of a nice soft plastic, no hard edges, which means it's easy to hold and it doesn't crease any pages, because that can be pretty frustrating. 
The clip's grip is pretty strong too, so even the most firm of book spines can be tamed. 

Finally, the unique U shape means that important content won't be blocked. 

Simple and straightforward, this is an essential stationery item. 
 I now need it in several other colours! 


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