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Friday, March 15, 2024

Review: eric×kleid loose leaf diary A5

Stationery brand Kleid has collaborated with eric to produce a loose leaf diary for 2024.

Eric is an eraser stamp artist and illustrator who started in 2007.
Their works are popular and notably features a world full of small nostalgic everyday things.
There are two types available: kraft paper and cream paper.
The kraft paper used is an ethical material containing over 40% recycled paper. Durable and easy-to-write kraft paper, which is also used for envelopes, creates a stylish finish just by writing on it. The cream paper is the same paper used for books. It is flexible, easy to turn, and has a soft color that is easy on the eyes.

Here, we have chosen the cream paper edition.
Size: 210 x 148mm
Paper: 32 sheets
Made in Japan

- 2024/2025 annual calendar
- Annual schedule (2023.12 - 2025.1)
- Monthly schedule (2023.12 - 2025.1)
- Notebook (2mm grid)
- A5/20 holes
Since it is a collaboration between eric and Kleid Diary, each page is filled with their signature whimsical illustrations.
Even the notebook grid pages have a faint border of illustrations.

I have opted to use it with the Campus A5, 20 rings slim binder.

The transparent clear rings fit perfectly with the minimalist design of the diary pages.

The paper is smooth to write on and does not bleed through. Personally I also like the navy print as compared to a typical black. This is because since I generally use a black pen, it stands out more against the navy print. In addition, navy and cream is one of my favorite color combinations.

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