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Friday, January 29, 2021

February 2021 Printable

Not quite spring yet but how about a plethora of spring like colors to brighten your month? Here is February's printable!

For those who might own a 7/8" circular craft punch, you can make short work of cutting them out this month.

February usually signifies the start of the year for many since January just seems to go by so quickly each year. Hope this printable can help you organize your time efficiently!

Download HERE.
Netprint (Japan) and IBON (Taiwan) details can be found on our instagram.

Do tag us on our IG or with #tn5cprintable so we can check out your creations!

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Friday, January 22, 2021

Review: Pentel Illumina Flex Highlighters

There are so many highlighters out there, it's difficult to pick a favourite. 
Mildliners, Stabilo are all popular choices. 

These Pentel Illumina Flex highlights caught my eye at the store and so I picked them up. 

I like the simple pastel design of the pens. 
They each have a highlighter side and a small marker side.  

I had originally only purchased 2 but I liked the colours so much I went back and bought a further 4 colours. 
However, this isn't the full set, there are 8 colours in total which are available. 

The colours are simple and understated, and not overly pigmented, which can be a problem with some highlighters as that leads to unpleasant bleeding in the paper. 

I was a bit skeptical of the flex feature at first, I thought it was just a gimmick. 
However, I think it really reduces the amount of skipping on paper, which means very smooth highlighting. 

This is fast becoming my highligther of choice.  
Have you tried it? What do you think? 

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Friday, January 15, 2021

My top 5 favorite stationery items of 2020

The first blog post of the year and to kick us off, I think it is a good opportunity to share my top five fave stationery items from 2020.

Please note that this ranking is not in any particular order and is my own personal opinion.

1. Pilot+Lihit Lab A4/A5 Folder
See review HERE

2. NICHIBAN Masking Tape Dispenser/Cutter
See review HERE

3. Tombow Air Touch Range
Tombow PiT AIR Glue Tape + Tombow MONO AIR 5 Correction Tape
The most effortless tape dispensers ever. The resistance on the surface you are applying to is so low, it is like running it on air. (See what I did there)

4. Pentel Energel Range
I don't know what else can be said about this amazing range from PENTEL. The smooth flow of ink makes it my absolute favorite to write with and my fairly large double digit collection of them shows it.

5. PLUS WHIPER Cream Correction Tape
When these were released, I scoffed at them. I wondered who would ever need cream colored correction tape just so it would match the cream paper they used. Well, as it turned out, that person was ....me. Now the white correction tape just looks absolutely glaringly out of place and I can't go without my cream correction tape. A case of "you never know what you were missing out on till you tried it."

What are your top 5 stationery items for 2020??

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