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Friday, June 24, 2016

100yen Color Brush Pens

A while back, I did a post on the top five brush pens I loved and recently I found more to add to the list. I actually chanced upon these in an obscure 100yen shop here in Japan. At 100yen for three pens, I figured I had little to lose. 

They came in two sets and I purchased both of them.

The red set contained staple colors like green, red and blue.

The pink set contained more feminine colors such as orange, pink and light blue.

These pens are actually made in Japan.

So how do they fare? Extremely well actually. It does not seep through some notebooks with thinner paper like the Pentel Sign pens do which makes these excellent for usage with many types of paper. The actual look to the pen is rather plain but I don't mind it at all. And lets be honest, at that price, we can't ask for more.

Low priced and works beautifully. 

Have you come by any good buys recently?

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Fiveday: Multi-Pens/Pencils

Multi Pens are a great way to carry around more colours without adding too many pens in your kit.

These are a few that I have in mine:

  1. Pentel Multi-8:  This isn't a pen but rather 8 coloured pencils in one. There are pre designated slots for the colours depending on what version you buy (ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil version available too) but you can choose to mix it up with refills. 
  2. Pilot Hi-Tec-C ColetoThis and the Style Fit are customisable and probably the easiest ones to find in this list. I just love the collaboration pen holders and the refills come in special edition colours too! Most holders hold 4 colours. 
  3. Pentel Sliccies: This is my favourite multi pen. I always have one in my planner, I've also lost of a few of these so I stock up whenever I can. I use the 3 coloured pen holder, blue for writing, red for ticking off my to-do list and another colour for special items. 
  4. Uni Style Fit: Does a lot of collaborations too and pens come in different thicknesses and colours. Pen holders hold up to 5 colours. 
  5. Uni Jet Stream: This isn't customisable but it does have 3 colours, black, blue and red. Perfect if you just need something for writing and the occasional red tick. Incidentally, this is the pen that comes with the Hobonichi as a notebook bonus. 

I hope you find this list helpful and if you know of any other cool multi pens, we'd love to hear about them in the comments! 

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Friday, June 10, 2016

TRAVELER’S notebook Mini 10th Anniversary Can Set

To celebrate the 10th year of the Travelers’ notebook, the brand has released a special miniature version of their beloved notebook. They come in 3 different colors [like the full sized ones] and each is contained in its own specially made tin can.

I purchased the Red Tin which contains a miniature brown leather notebook. It is encased in a paper “box” and wrapped up just like the full sized version. A miniature charm is also included alongside a set of papers which you can use to make your own refills for the notebook. 

A sheet of stickers and a postcard to join their contest [runs till April 2017] is included.

This is certainly one for the collectors and die hard fanatics of the Traveler’s notebook.

Learn more at the official website

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Friday, June 3, 2016

Mossery Planner Review

I've been using planners for years and late last year I came across Mossery at a Christmas market. I was intrigued not only because it was very beautiful but it seemed to be quite functional. 

I've used one for the first 5 months of this year but my biggest issue with it was that the cover got dirty really easily. So when they released a May-December edition with a new laminated cover, I dove in and got a personalised one with my Instagram handle on it. 

I chose the Horizontal Weekly + Plain Notes version. I used a Vertical Weekly previously and felt that because it had the whole day laid out according to time, I was not putting it to good use. The Horizontal Weekly allows more freedom when it comes to allocating time and a lot more space for notes. 

Besides the planner section, there's also a monthly overview, yearly overview, information page, blank notepaper (you can choose lined if you'd like) and other cool add ons like a section for inspiration boards and a section for goals/values/purposes. Here, I've used some of the blank notepaper to place these sticker savers from Kanmido, which I then used to keep the custom diary stickers I made using the Hiyori planner sticker printer

My favourite part about this planner is that it has 2 folders built into it which allows me to hold all the sheet-based planner stickers I want. It even comes with a card holder if you want to keep business cards or even instax photos. 

I can't go thru my day to day without taking a look at it or noting something down. I used to think it was a bit bulky but it's usefulness outweighs it's disadvantage and I've managed to put everything I need into this planner, a pen even fits nicely into it's spiral ring, I'm so glad they upgraded the cover, it's now the best everyday companion I've ever had. 

July - December diaries are still available at Mossery

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