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Friday, June 3, 2016

Mossery Planner Review

I've been using planners for years and late last year I came across Mossery at a Christmas market. I was intrigued not only because it was very beautiful but it seemed to be quite functional. 

I've used one for the first 5 months of this year but my biggest issue with it was that the cover got dirty really easily. So when they released a May-December edition with a new laminated cover, I dove in and got a personalised one with my Instagram handle on it. 

I chose the Horizontal Weekly + Plain Notes version. I used a Vertical Weekly previously and felt that because it had the whole day laid out according to time, I was not putting it to good use. The Horizontal Weekly allows more freedom when it comes to allocating time and a lot more space for notes. 

Besides the planner section, there's also a monthly overview, yearly overview, information page, blank notepaper (you can choose lined if you'd like) and other cool add ons like a section for inspiration boards and a section for goals/values/purposes. Here, I've used some of the blank notepaper to place these sticker savers from Kanmido, which I then used to keep the custom diary stickers I made using the Hiyori planner sticker printer

My favourite part about this planner is that it has 2 folders built into it which allows me to hold all the sheet-based planner stickers I want. It even comes with a card holder if you want to keep business cards or even instax photos. 

I can't go thru my day to day without taking a look at it or noting something down. I used to think it was a bit bulky but it's usefulness outweighs it's disadvantage and I've managed to put everything I need into this planner, a pen even fits nicely into it's spiral ring, I'm so glad they upgraded the cover, it's now the best everyday companion I've ever had. 

July - December diaries are still available at Mossery


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