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Friday, June 24, 2016

100yen Color Brush Pens

A while back, I did a post on the top five brush pens I loved and recently I found more to add to the list. I actually chanced upon these in an obscure 100yen shop here in Japan. At 100yen for three pens, I figured I had little to lose. 

They came in two sets and I purchased both of them.

The red set contained staple colors like green, red and blue.

The pink set contained more feminine colors such as orange, pink and light blue.

These pens are actually made in Japan.

So how do they fare? Extremely well actually. It does not seep through some notebooks with thinner paper like the Pentel Sign pens do which makes these excellent for usage with many types of paper. The actual look to the pen is rather plain but I don't mind it at all. And lets be honest, at that price, we can't ask for more.

Low priced and works beautifully. 

Have you come by any good buys recently?


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