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Friday, August 26, 2016

September Printable!

September is upon us in just a few days!

That brings us into the last quarter of the year. Which means there are still four months to make all those 2016 resolutions come true!

Why not get a head start on them (and your planner goals) with our specially designed 2016 September Printable?

Download here

P.s Don't forget to use #TN5Cprintable on Instagram to show us your amazing creations! 

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Friday, August 19, 2016

October Subscription Box: To The Moon & Back

We're extremely excited to be launching our first subscription box for October. We've been working on this for awhile now and are excited to be sharing our love for the Traveler's Notebook by producing this box. 

At The Number 5 Co, we want to see your papered dreams take flight. So where better to turn to for our first collection than the moon? The celestial orb in the night sky that bathes us in both shadow and light. The sun might be the giver of life but it is the moon the poets wax lyrical about. There is nothing more romantic than a moonlit stroll or perhaps a kiss in the dark to which only the moon plays witness. It is little wonder it also provides the most enchanting answer to the question, ‘How much do you love me’?

“I love you to the moon and back.”

This box includes 4 sheets of stickers in 3 designs, A handmade insert for either the regular or passport sized Traveler's Notebook, a folder for your notebook (We use ours to keep receipts or other material that we're saving for future journaling), a wire notebook clip (random colour), an envelope for you to keep loose stickers or namecards and it all comes in a TN sized hand printed drawstring bag. 

We love this box and we hope you do too! 

Shop this box at our store or sign up for a subscription here

Do note, the preorder ends on the 10th September!

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Friday, August 12, 2016

AOne Labelyasan Photo Stickers/Seal Review

There are many ways to print photos for your planner/journal/travelers notebook. From buying dedicated printers like the fuji instax SP and the Canon Selphy to taking your photos to your local print shop or buying your own photo paper to print at home, they all have their pros and cons but my favourite way to add a photo to my weekly layout without adding overall bulk to the notebook are these pre cut printer friendly sticker sheets from Labelyasan (House of Labels).

The stickers come in 2 versions, high resolution and diary/planner. I use the diary/planner version exclusively because they come in a variety of sizes and shapes that fit into most planner formats so it's convenient.  

Each pack comes with 5 sheets of pre cut stickers, an instruction sheet for the software, instructions for printer settings and a test sheet (non sticker). The software is downloadable from the website but there's also a web interface and a free iphone app (unfortunately, your printer will need to be airprint compatible to use the app).

Unfortunately, all the software is in Japanese only but the iphone app is the easiest to use out of the 3 (If you'd like to see an english user guide, please comment below and let me know!) 
I usually do basic editing and slap a filter on the photos before I open the app. In the app, you pick which product you use, you can also perform a search using the product code on your sticker pack. It then takes you into a template, pick you photos and do basic editing like picking the cut area, rotating and copy/paste.  (note: you should allow for some allowance on the edges, this makes sure that you photos are printed edge to edge). 

Watch the official video from AOne on how the app works. 

After you've finished setting up your sheet, connect to your airprint enabled printer and send to print! If it's your first time, I recommend using the test sheet that's been included so you won't waste any of your sticker paper). The print quality of these are similar to using a home printer and photo paper but on a smaller scale.  

I personally prefer the print quality of these stickers over the LG photo printer, which also has sticker paper sheets, albeit uncut. Where can you get these? We're working on putting these in the store, so watch this space! 


  • good quality
  • pre cut
  • easy to use app


  • Japanese only software
  • Not portable, unless you have a full sized travel printer
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Friday, August 5, 2016

Pilot Hi-tec Coleto X Cecil McBee

Japanese fashion brand Cecil McBee has teamed up with PILOT Hi-Tec Coleto to produce a limited collection. Collaborations are not uncommon for the stationery brand but this is one of the first times Cecil McBee has collaborated with them. The brand is targeted at young female tweens and the collection with PILOT is very much similar.

The collection consists of 2 premium pens [pictured here] , refill set and 6 other more basic pen cases. [one of which is pictured above]

The refill set is in a limited edition case and each refill also features a pair of hearts [you can buy the refills separately too.

Side note: Part of the basic collection, you can also purchase refills which is a mechanical pencil and eraser. Makes your multi pen so much more handy! 

This was my haul from the store recently.

Have you bought anything new recently? Are you looking out for this collection too?

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