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Friday, August 5, 2016

Pilot Hi-tec Coleto X Cecil McBee

Japanese fashion brand Cecil McBee has teamed up with PILOT Hi-Tec Coleto to produce a limited collection. Collaborations are not uncommon for the stationery brand but this is one of the first times Cecil McBee has collaborated with them. The brand is targeted at young female tweens and the collection with PILOT is very much similar.

The collection consists of 2 premium pens [pictured here] , refill set and 6 other more basic pen cases. [one of which is pictured above]

The refill set is in a limited edition case and each refill also features a pair of hearts [you can buy the refills separately too.

Side note: Part of the basic collection, you can also purchase refills which is a mechanical pencil and eraser. Makes your multi pen so much more handy! 

This was my haul from the store recently.

Have you bought anything new recently? Are you looking out for this collection too?


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