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Friday, September 13, 2019

Review: Kitaboshi Pencil (pencil for grown ups)

First up, this is not a new product on the market but it's new to me. 
I only noticed it at my local stationery store recently. 

It's the kitaboshi (northstar) pencil, also known as a grown up's pencil. 

It comes in packaging with a more mature design, aimed towards adults, and includes a pencil, lead and a container with a sharpener lid. 

It reminds me of a drafting pencil because the lead is thick unlike the thin pieces of pencil lead that you would find for a mechanical pencil. 

 The lead doesn't snap easily and is easy to sharpened although I worry about losing the sharpener container. 

I reckon this is a great pencil if you like mechanical pencils but don't like the typical thin pieces of lead. It's really smooth and the product design is really minimalistic, it reminds me of Muji!

Writing with it is a joy, it is smooth and pigmented. 
However, I do think the blackwing pencil is smoother.
If that is your favourite pencil, this might seem like a step back. 

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Friday, September 6, 2019


TOMBOW PLAYCOLOR has collaborated with fashion brand SPINNS to release an LE pack to entice all those going back to school after summer. 

Each set comes with 6 pens + a zipper pouch featuring an exclusive print.

The pens included are of the standard playcolor range but if you were looking to expand your collection or have never tried them before, this is a nice way to start! Its a little cheaper too + free cute pouch ^^!

Stay tuned to see what other new releases will be appearing in stores this summer in Japan for all those going back to school!

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