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Friday, May 17, 2024

Review: Vaimo11 Stapler 11th Anniversary Set


As an office worker, my office stationery has to be practical and easy to use. 
I've been using the Vaimo11 stapler for many years, and it is my favourite stapler ever. 

1. It's sleek, one of the best looking staplers ever. 
2. It's easy to refill (remember staplers that would snap at your fingers when you tried to refill?) 
3. It can staple up to 40 sheets of paper, perfect for those never ending reports.
4. It uses no.11 stamples, solid and never fails. 

I haven't needed to replace my white Vaimo11 stapler in all this time that I've owned it, but I came across the 11th Anniversary set on sale and decided to pick it up. 

The Anniversary set is a collaboration with a Japanese paper brand, Box & Needle
It comes in 3 colour ways, but I only came across the green x grey variant so that's what I purchased.

It includes a DIY box in a pattern designed by Aoi Huber, a stapler inspired by the pattern's colour scheme and staples. 

I love the theme of the box, the green and grey of the stapler is so fresh and the colours all compliment each other. 
The box is easy to assemble, there's instructions on the back of the packaging but it's pre cut and pre scored so all you have to do it fold and staple!

The stapler and staples fit perfectly into the box, such a cute desk accessory. 

If you come across the set, I highly recommend it. 
But if the colour isn't for you and you need a stapler, the Vaimo11 comes in many colours, I recommend you pick this as your trusty office stapler. 

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Friday, May 10, 2024

Review: Tombow MONO One Refillable Eraser Limited edition Mineral Color collection

Japanese stationery brand TOMBOW has launched a limited edition comprising 4 of their best selling stationery series. Collaboration of 4 brands: MONO, Campus, Dr.Grip, and HI-TEC-C COLETO!

Touted as stationery that gives you a calming feeling. They are available in 4 "mineral colors" inspired by nature; Shell Beige, Pistachio Green, Sheer Purple, Sorbet Blue & Apricot Pink

Picked up the MONO one "Holder Eraser" in Apricot Pink.
According to the official website, it is pink like a fruit bathed in sunlight.
External dimensions: diameter 15mm x length 75mm
Phthalate-free eraser

The holder adds strength to the high erasing power unique to mono erasers and features an elastomer grip that is non-slip by providing a firm grip.

The medium-fine 6.7mm diameter eraser can smoothly erase a single letter from an A-lined or B-lined notebook. It is also refillable [ Replacement eraser : ER-SSM ]

The small size makes it easy to fit inside a small pen case. 
What do you think?
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Friday, May 3, 2024

Review: Daiso Marker Sticky Notes Roll


I love a highlighter, I always need something to help me point out important text and information. 

I've used everything from a highlighter, to rulers that have a neon yellow window, to various tapes but this marker sticky notes tape by Daiso is really interesting. 

It's probably one of the few ways to highlight text that is not permanent, that I've seen anyway. 

I picked up 2 colours, Dusty Rose and Lavender Haze, very pretty pastels. 
Each roll is 6mm wide by 5m long and material is polypropylene. 

I think the colours are great, they really stand out and are not too jarring to look at. 
However, the opacity leaves something to be desired. The text turns out more cloudy and less defined, layering the tape deepens the colour but makes the clarity situation worse. 

Overall, I think this a good product, the non-permanent use outweighs it's weaknesses.
This would be useful for library books or for books that you might want to sell later on, i.e textbooks. 

What do you think? Is this a product you might be interested in? 

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