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Friday, May 10, 2024

Review: Tombow MONO One Refillable Eraser Limited edition Mineral Color collection

Japanese stationery brand TOMBOW has launched a limited edition comprising 4 of their best selling stationery series. Collaboration of 4 brands: MONO, Campus, Dr.Grip, and HI-TEC-C COLETO!

Touted as stationery that gives you a calming feeling. They are available in 4 "mineral colors" inspired by nature; Shell Beige, Pistachio Green, Sheer Purple, Sorbet Blue & Apricot Pink

Picked up the MONO one "Holder Eraser" in Apricot Pink.
According to the official website, it is pink like a fruit bathed in sunlight.
External dimensions: diameter 15mm x length 75mm
Phthalate-free eraser

The holder adds strength to the high erasing power unique to mono erasers and features an elastomer grip that is non-slip by providing a firm grip.

The medium-fine 6.7mm diameter eraser can smoothly erase a single letter from an A-lined or B-lined notebook. It is also refillable [ Replacement eraser : ER-SSM ]

The small size makes it easy to fit inside a small pen case. 
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