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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Friday, January 20, 2017

March Subscription Box: Cherry Blossoms

There is no better indication of spring than cherry blossoms in Japan. 
Though short lived, their beauty is unsurpassed. 
They serve as a reminder that we too should live our lives to the fullest. 
And what better time to start than when the cherry blossoms are in bloom?
Spring is here.


Cherry Blossom season is the prettiest season. We're brought the beauty and romance of them to our March box.  With shades of pink and blue, you'll be excited to watch the flowers fall. 

This box comes with our usual set of stickers and an insert, 2 rolls, yes 2 rolls of washi tape and 2 Sakura shaped paper clips. 

This box ships on the 15th of February. Pre order your box here or in our etsy store.


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Friday, January 13, 2017

Nichiban Tenori Ichioshi Glue Tape

If you are like me, you must love the glue tape invention. Its a lot easier to use, less mess and quick to dry. Even better for scrapbookers, most of them are acid free as well.

The only issue i have with them? I'm left handed and the kind where you roll across the page makes it difficult for me to use. Thankfully many brands have started making the ones you stamp down on. Perfect for left or right handers. (I mean you can use your forehead to push on it if you are so inclined. #justsaying )

I purchased two of them from my local stationary store.

As you can see above, you stamp them down to get a dot grid of sticky tape. 

Size comparison above with other similar products available in Japan. This is the smallest by far. Good for traveling with.

Some general details. 3 of the colors are limited edition colors as well.

Which is your favourite glue tape?

Do share it with us in the comments!

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Review: Hightide Square Weekly Diary

I was stumped for awhile when I was deciding what diary to buy for 2017. It's such a big decision and I had already bought a different book but I came across this square format diary by Hightide at an art supplies store and I was quite drawn to it. 

First things first, the layflat notebook paper is really nice and it comes with a plastic cover (always a good thing for a diary). It measures roughly 11cm by 12cm and weighs roughly 140g, which makes it very pocket/handbag friendly. Also included are 2 string bookmarks, a pen loop (fits the midori brass pen perfectly), a page marker and pockets in the front and back covers. 

The diary has a monthly layout, followed by weekly on 2 pages in a vertical format and at the back there are note/address pages. 
I'm not fond of the vertical layout usually but this one works. Instead of going by specific times, the layout is done up as morning/afternoon/evening which is good because I don't always have something going on and I like to fill in my own time. There's also lines at the bottom of each day for extra notes and the Saturday and Sunday columns are the same size as the weekday columns which makes sense as there's sometimes more to do on weekends. 

I adore everything about this diary, the size, the portability, the paper. The only downside is that it's such a unique size that I have cut things like stickers and notepaper down to fit it in but that's a price I'm willing to pay.



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