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Friday, January 20, 2017

March Subscription Box: Cherry Blossoms

There is no better indication of spring than cherry blossoms in Japan. 
Though short lived, their beauty is unsurpassed. 
They serve as a reminder that we too should live our lives to the fullest. 
And what better time to start than when the cherry blossoms are in bloom?
Spring is here.


Cherry Blossom season is the prettiest season. We're brought the beauty and romance of them to our March box.  With shades of pink and blue, you'll be excited to watch the flowers fall. 

This box comes with our usual set of stickers and an insert, 2 rolls, yes 2 rolls of washi tape and 2 Sakura shaped paper clips. 

This box ships on the 15th of February. Pre order your box here or in our etsy store.



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