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Friday, December 28, 2018

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Posta Collect Pens (Japanpost)

Have you ever visited a post office in Japan?

If you haven’t, I highly recommend you drop by next time you see one. Other than the usual mail services/products, Japan’s post offices also carry a range of products called Posta Collect.

This range includes the usual mail supplies such as envelopes, stickers, tape but they also carry postcards that might be exclusive to the area, limited edition or collaboration stationery such as washi tape and glue tape and of course, pens!

I picked up 2 pens on a recent trip, the postcard pen for thin lettering in black and the postcard sign pen in black. I liked how the black white yellow packaging was simple yet attractive.

The postcard pen for thin lettering has a thickness of 0.35mm and is closest to a pigment liner. The ink dries fast but it isn’t as black as other pens.

The postcard sign pen looks exactly like the pentel sign pen and it is in fact, pentel branded, however the pen tip is a lot stiffer than the touch sign pen which you can see below. The ink is similar to the postcard pen.

As an example, I’ve compared the 2 pens with some other common writing/drawing pens below.

I used a postcard from muji and I found that some of the other pens bled a bit into the paper but the Posta Collect pens did not.

To sum up, I found them enjoyable to write with, they’re perfectly suited for postcards and the ink looks like it would fade-proof. However those qualities mean that the ink is not as black which might bother some people so definitely take that into account.

Have you seen the merchandise from Japan Post before? Would you go have a look next time?

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Christmas Tags Printable 2018

Christmas is almost here so let us help you get ready!

Here is a gift from TN5C; we have designed a set of present tags for your personal use!

Print it on sticker paper to make sticky labels or desired cardstock to use them as gift tags. Add a silk black ribbon to make it even more luxe!

Download it for free here.

Do tag us on instagram with hashtag #TN5CPrintable if you use it.

Season Greetings!

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

December 2018 Printable

2018 is almost over as we come into December; the very last month of the year. How has the year been for you? Did you achieve all your resolutions?

Here at TN5C we want to pay tribute to our TN which has been by our side all this time. So without further ado, here is this month’s date printable!

Inspired by our favorite stationery companion all year…the travelers notebook!

As always, tag us #TN5Cprintable on instagram to show us your pages! 

Download our free printable here. 

p.s December is also the month of gifting so check out all the new additions to our Etsy store! Do check it out here!

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