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Friday, July 29, 2016

August Printable!

Omigosh! Is it August already? The year always seems to go so much faster after June, wouldn't you agree? 

Our August printable is summery and pink. Just the pick me up you'll need to make it to September. Download here. Don't forget to use #TN5Cprintable on Instagram to show us your amazing creations! 



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Friday, July 22, 2016

The Stationery Department in LOFT Tokyo

One of the most popular chain stores in Japan, LOFT has quite an amazing selection of stationery. There is always something new!

Here are the latest sightings (July 2016)

Kokuyo has launched a limited edition series of their ever popular dotliner range featuring some super cute aquatic themed animals!

Not to be outdone, norino has collaborated with disney for a princess themed limited edition collection.

Disney is clearly ever popular in Japan. Especially the princesses. Style fit from uni has some new limited edition princess cases as well for their multi pens.

Finally, not something princess related or limited edition, the Pilot Fude-Makase Color Brush Pen (which I love and reviewed before) has launched a fine tip version. Its a little thicker than their usual ultra fine tip. A fantastic addition to anyone's collection.

SARASA from Zebra is doing a limited edition [yes we have a lot of LEs in Japan] collaboration with Fujiya (chain of cake and sweets stores in Japan). The offerings are "delicious" to say the least.

One more limited edition collection to wrap up this post. This time from PILOT's Hi-TEC-C Coleto range. The brand they have worked with? Cecil McBee. A Japanese female fashion brand popular amongst teens and adults alike. Needless to say the collection is girly feminine yet classy at the same time. Due to the brand's popularity, this particular collection is selling out fast!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek!

Are you one to collect limited edition items? Or are you more keen to buy something when its limited edition? Did anything here catch your eye? Tell us all about it!


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Friday, July 15, 2016

Fiveday: Scissors

It's another fiveday! and this week, we're looking at essentials. I use a pair of scissors everyday, in the kitchen, in my studio, everywhere and all the time. I can't live without a pair and it's only been brought to my attention recently that there are some really amazing ones out there. These are the 5 that I like: 

1. Raymay Swingcut Scissors: This pair topped a Japanese magazine's list of best scissors late last year and The Coffee Drinker swears by them so of course I had to pick up a pair. Interesting looks aside, it's extremely smooth to use and slices through paper like butter, an everyday staple for sure. 

2. Fiskars Moomin Scissors: The only pair on my list that are not Japanese designed. I have to admit, I bought these purely for the Moomin design but Fiskars is well known for their craft and garden products and the bright red makes them easy to spot plus the big handle makes it easy to grip so they get a thumbs up from me. 

3. Plus Fit Cut Curve Premium Titanium: Yes, that's a long name and yes, the Fit Cut comes in a few different types, this is my favourite rendition and again yes, I own a few pairs of Fit Cut scissors (including number 5 on this list). These scissors are well priced and the best multi purpose scissors ever. If you can't decide, get these, these also come in a kitchen version. 

4. Sun Star Stickyle Scissors: This was the first pair of 'pocket' scissors I ever bought, I've kept them in my pencil case all the time but I find that they do dull quite quickly so I've already gone through a few pairs. These come in a assortment of adorable colours and patterns so will appeal to children and those who like cute things (like me!). 

5. Plus Fit Cut Curve Twiggy: I've saved the best for last. The pocket version of the Fit Cut series, this pair has replaced the Stickyle scissors in my kit, I find them to be of the same quality as the full sized scissors and are better designed as they don't spring open when you take the cap off.  

There you have it, scissors for every home/craft life situation. Enjoy! 


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Friday, July 8, 2016

MUJI Masking Tape Case

There has been a bit of buzz about the MUJI Saran Wrap Container lately. Not for its amazing ability to hold a roll of Saran Wrap [or aluminium foil] but something a lot more closer to my heart. 


The case is beautiful in its simplicity yet sturdy enough to stack or carry on the go. 

There is even a built in sharp edge [originally for the saran wrap] which you can use to tear your masking tape with. 

It comes in two sizes. I purchased the smaller one which is pictured above.

Cost: About 400yen + tax in Japan. 

Also good for small rolls of wrapping paper! And...I suppose saran wrap...


Word to the wise: Not all masking tapes will fit in it but I am sure you will find some that will.

Or you could just buy more....#justsaying


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Friday, July 1, 2016

July Printable

The Number 5 Co.'s first printable is here! These date/day tags for the month of July are our new favourite thing to put in regular TN inserts. Print, cut and glue (or use some sticker paper). 

Download here. 

Tag us #TN5Cprintable on Instagram to show us how you use it! We'd love to know! 

And don't forget to follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get the next one. 

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Daiso Finds!

I love going to a Daiso store, they don't always carry the same things and products are not always repeated, which makes shopping there like a little treasure hunt sometimes. 

These are the gems I found for any notebook enthusiast: 

  1. Schedule Stickers: These little stickers are so sweet. They're perfect for a hobonichi, diary or even a TN planner.  
  2. Template Ruler: This is great for sketching, or a bullet journal. Comes in circles as well. 
  3. Vintage Accessories: This collection is quite big, these page markers are the more notebook friendly pieces but there are also items for DIY like handles for mini drawers. 
  4. Index Stickers: Part of a larger collection including notebooks, I love how there are 12 sheets of 8 stickers, and how cute are the hedgehogs! 
  5. Decoration Tape: Comes in many designs but I especially love this vintage travel stamps design. 

I'll be featuring and using some of these items in my planner and putting it on our instagram this whole week. Don't forget to follow us! 

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