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Friday, July 15, 2016

Fiveday: Scissors

It's another fiveday! and this week, we're looking at essentials. I use a pair of scissors everyday, in the kitchen, in my studio, everywhere and all the time. I can't live without a pair and it's only been brought to my attention recently that there are some really amazing ones out there. These are the 5 that I like: 

1. Raymay Swingcut Scissors: This pair topped a Japanese magazine's list of best scissors late last year and The Coffee Drinker swears by them so of course I had to pick up a pair. Interesting looks aside, it's extremely smooth to use and slices through paper like butter, an everyday staple for sure. 

2. Fiskars Moomin Scissors: The only pair on my list that are not Japanese designed. I have to admit, I bought these purely for the Moomin design but Fiskars is well known for their craft and garden products and the bright red makes them easy to spot plus the big handle makes it easy to grip so they get a thumbs up from me. 

3. Plus Fit Cut Curve Premium Titanium: Yes, that's a long name and yes, the Fit Cut comes in a few different types, this is my favourite rendition and again yes, I own a few pairs of Fit Cut scissors (including number 5 on this list). These scissors are well priced and the best multi purpose scissors ever. If you can't decide, get these, these also come in a kitchen version. 

4. Sun Star Stickyle Scissors: This was the first pair of 'pocket' scissors I ever bought, I've kept them in my pencil case all the time but I find that they do dull quite quickly so I've already gone through a few pairs. These come in a assortment of adorable colours and patterns so will appeal to children and those who like cute things (like me!). 

5. Plus Fit Cut Curve Twiggy: I've saved the best for last. The pocket version of the Fit Cut series, this pair has replaced the Stickyle scissors in my kit, I find them to be of the same quality as the full sized scissors and are better designed as they don't spring open when you take the cap off.  

There you have it, scissors for every home/craft life situation. Enjoy! 



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