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Friday, November 29, 2019

December Printable 2019

Here we come to the last printable for 2019 and whether its snowing at your end of the world, we hope you will like our winter holiday theme!

Do tag us at #TN5Cprintable if you can! We love seeing your creations!

Download here: Link

A big thank you to each and everyone of you for your support this year and here at TN5C we wish you and all loved ones the very best this holiday season.

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Friday, November 22, 2019

Review: Keep A Notebook stamp collecter's notebook

Keep A Notebook is an indie stationery brand from Taiwan.
Their main product line are notebooks in 2 sizes:
 A5 slim that is similar to the Traveler's notebook inserts and Handy, which is a smaller size and I think is unique to the brand. 

I didn't find the normal inserts too interesting but the stamp collector's notebook piqued my interest. 

I bought it in the handy size as I thought it would be better for travel.

There are 3 important elements to this notebook. 

1. The cover, which tucks into a little overhang at the top of the notebook, keeping it securely closed in transit. It also acts as a base when stamping, which you place under the following 2 elements. 

2. The paper (above) that separates each stamped sheet. It is translucent, almost like wax paper and prevents both transfer and smudging. 

3. The stamping paper, grid paper that is smooth and thick enough to prevent ink bleed. 

In action!

The print is so sharp, the grid lines are subtle. 
Overall, great for archiving. 

I've brought it on a few trips and the notebook travels well. 
If you're a stamp collector, you should definitely pick this up. 

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Friday, November 15, 2019

REVIEW : Kuretake ZIG Clean Color Dot

Following the success of PLAYCOLOR DOT, Kuretake ZIG has launched their very own version. 
The Clean Color Dot.

For now there are 12 colors available. 

Each pen is double ended. One end is a 0.5mm pen and the other is the "dot" end. This is where this differs from playcolor's version as well. The dot end of this pen is spongy/soft allowing one to adjust the size of the dot drawn depending on how much pressure one applies as they use it.

The possibilities are endless. Here is a layout I made using just one of the markers. I used it for calligraphy, dots for the to do list and even to draw a picture at the bottom corner!

Have you tried these?
What do you think of it?
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Friday, November 8, 2019

Hightide Flagship Store in Fukuoka

When you go to Fukuoka, one of the must visits is the Hightide flagship store. 

Hightide is a Japanese brand known for a wide range of products, from stationery to interior goods. 

Outdoors goods, diaries, bags, keychains, pouches, pens, t shirts, the list of items go on. 
The flagship not only carries their full range, they also have a small selection of curated goods from overseas brands. 

The nearest train station is Yakuin, however, because it is in a small laneway, a bit of walking is required. 

I adore these Hightide boxes and storage items and the store had every colour, including the new transparent range. 

Every corner of the store requires proper inspection. There was tools, accessories and cute collaboration designed stationery. Deciding what to buy was incredibly difficult. 

If you need a break, there's even a cafe. 
Seating is available outside. 

Overall we had an enjoyable visit, our shopping bags are proof of that. 

Have you visited? What is your favourite hightide item? 

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Friday, November 1, 2019

REVIEW : Mindwave Recording Marker Sticky Notes range

Sometimes its hard to journal if there is limited time and I find myself putting it off. However by doing so, I also forget whatever it was that i had wanted to write. To help with this, stationery brand Mindwave has launched a range of sticky notes 'Recording Markers'

I picked up the one for 'MONEY'. As the name indicates, its all to do with savings. There are 5 styles of sticky notes [one extra large and 4 small ones]

They make journaling so much quicker and more colorful immediately [even if i am writing about how much money i am spending XD]

What do you think of these sticky notes? Have you tried them?

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