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Friday, November 22, 2019

Review: Keep A Notebook stamp collecter's notebook

Keep A Notebook is an indie stationery brand from Taiwan.
Their main product line are notebooks in 2 sizes:
 A5 slim that is similar to the Traveler's notebook inserts and Handy, which is a smaller size and I think is unique to the brand. 

I didn't find the normal inserts too interesting but the stamp collector's notebook piqued my interest. 

I bought it in the handy size as I thought it would be better for travel.

There are 3 important elements to this notebook. 

1. The cover, which tucks into a little overhang at the top of the notebook, keeping it securely closed in transit. It also acts as a base when stamping, which you place under the following 2 elements. 

2. The paper (above) that separates each stamped sheet. It is translucent, almost like wax paper and prevents both transfer and smudging. 

3. The stamping paper, grid paper that is smooth and thick enough to prevent ink bleed. 

In action!

The print is so sharp, the grid lines are subtle. 
Overall, great for archiving. 

I've brought it on a few trips and the notebook travels well. 
If you're a stamp collector, you should definitely pick this up. 


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