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Monday, February 26, 2018

June 2018 Printable - Summer

It's June! Summer, flamingos, pineapples, pools and of course, the good stuff, ice cream!

This month's printable is peachy and pinky ice cream sticks, you'll be off filling your fridge with sweet treats too. This printable pairs well with our Summer themed stickers. 

Our June box stickers are on our Etsy store (returning soon). 

Download it here (PDF). 

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Friday, February 23, 2018

March Printable 2018

It's the season of pink flowers, our favourite flower of all, Sakura! 

March's printable is feminine and sweet and we recommend our Sakura themed stickers to go with! 

Other items you might like: Sticker Insert | Sticker Folder 1 | Sticker Folder 2

Download here: Link, don't forget to tag us on Instagram with your layouts! 

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

April Subscription Box: Adventures Await

To travel is to live.

So there is no time to waste

Because in a world as beautiful as this

Adventures awaits.

This Box includes: 

  1. Two sheets of planner stickers*
  2. Two sheets of illustrated stickers* 
  3. One vintage style gold toned plane paper clip
  4. One metal pen holder
  5. One notebook insert* - Available in 5 sizes. 

Subscribe here or purchase a one off box from our etsy store

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Hi-Note, Isesaki, Japan

Ever been on a roadtrip and needed a stationery fix? If your answer is yes, you're part of my tribe. If you're planning a roadtrip in Japan, this information is absolutely for you! 

On a recent roadtrip, the coffee drinker entered Hi-Note into the itinerary. Hi-Note is based in Gunma, Japan. They have 2 stores, one in Takasaki and another in Isesaki. We were on our way out of Isesaki so we stopped by that branch. 

If you thought city stores were great for stationery, this place will change your mind. This store was massive, just grab a basket and start shopping is my advice. They had everything from pens, notebooks, cards to art materials, folders and washi tape, the list is honestly quite long. They even had stuff that was already sold out in the metropolitan areas, score! 

You'll need time because there's so much to look at, we unfortunately didn't have a lot of time but did come away with some cool stuff, all the reviews for those items have gone up or will be coming up so look out for that. 

So yes, if you're in Gunma area, definitely stop by and take a look at Hi-Note. Also, how cute is their tagline? 'Change Stationery, Change Life'

Store info here

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Bullet Journal 2018 Setup

I can't believe I'm using the Bullet Journal for a second year in a row. I typically change diaries/layouts yearly but I started my Bujo in February last year and it's been an amazing system for organising/planning.

Last year, I used an A5 Midori blank notebook in a Hobonichi cousin cover and while I loved the paper and the extra pockets in the cover, I found it a bit heavy for daily use. This year, I bought the official Bullet Journal notebook from Leuchtturm1917. It's simpler and lighter and the dot grid paper soothes my tiny inner OCD personality. Obviously I couldn't leave it alone, so I added a Leuchtturm pen loop, patch stickers from Starbucks Singapore and the tab I use and change out monthly is from Semikolon. Also, I use a 3 colour pen from Pentel, blogpost on multi coloured pens coming soon. 

I kept a lot of the same original Bullet journal elements like the Future log, which I embellished with washi tape and Tombow brush markers. In my future log, I wrote down birthdays, travel plans, public holidays and major events. It really useful to have an overview of the year in 4 pages. 

I love looking at all the pretty Bullet journals people create on instagram and youtube. However, I neither have the time nor inclination to do that for my own daily planner so I've kept it to the basics. The vertical monthly page worked well for me so I've continued with that, having the entire month's to do list on the page next to it creates a nice dashboard of sorts, I tend to leave it on my desk with these 2 pages open so I can glance at them ever so often, it's a good way to keep on track and get stuff done. 

This is where I started to do something different from 2017. I added another page for additional things I want to track/plan. In January, I added a habit tracker, a standalone to do list for TN5C, my work trip, a list to track emails and replies and an expense tracker. 

Unfortunately, in February, I took out the habit tracker because I wasn't able to keep to it and I gave the expense tracker an entire page. 

What else do you track monthly? I'd love to know and maybe incorportate them into next month's layout, leave me a comment below! 

I've seen bullet journals where the daily log has been laid out week by week on 2 pages. I still prefer to create each day's entry the day before, it's now a part of my end of day ritual and it's a good way to empty the mind before heading to bed. 

Other than the standard Bujo items, I've laid out pages for travel planning, idea lists and more to do lists. It's been a great system to stay organised and it's all in one notebook. If you haven't tried it out, you should

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Kokuyo Karucut Washi Tape Cutter

There are many versions of washi tape cutters, we carry some basic ones in our store, but I'm still always interested when something new comes out. 

I spotted the karucut washi tape cutter all over instagram and had to buy some when I went to Tokyo at the end of last year. 

I have to say that I'm quite fond of this cutter, it's got quite a few parts but it works really well. It's shaped like a paperclip, you press on the ends to open it up and clip it on the washi tape roll, once you've positioned it, secure it with both fingers on the ergonomically designed clip and tear the tape off. 

If it sounds complicated, it really isn't. Here's a video demonstration: 


Overall, it's a really smart design and extremely useful for people with large collections of washi tape and it comes in 2 sizes for different types of washi tape. Would you buy one? 

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