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Friday, July 12, 2019

Review: Pilot Juice Neon Pens and Black Fusen

Neon is a summer, festivals and look at me! 

Pilot released these gorgeous neon pens and black paper fusen.

The black fusen comes in a variety of different shapes. 
I picked up the speech bubble, star and of course, cat.  

First up, the black fusen had a list of recommended pens. 
The top 2 ranges are gel pens,  below is 1 marker and 1 mechanical pencil range. 

The Neon colours are Pink, Red, Green, Orange, Apricot Orange and Yellow. 

The colours show up on the black fusen beautifully but only 3 of the 6 colours show up recently well on regular notepaper. 

I really like the neon colours, I am excited to use them in more projects. 

And whilst the ink looks great on the black fusen, it's probably not necessary to purchase it if fusen is not your thing. Would I use it often, maybe not. 

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Friday, July 5, 2019

Review : The Green Party Magic Color Ink Glass Pen Box Set

A month ago, I was on holiday in sunny Singapore when I chanced upon a gift store of sorts called "The Green Party". Entranced by the numerous giant plush toys that adorned their doorway displays, I ventured in for a look and found out that they also sold stationery. Score! (Don't you love it when you find unexpected stationery?)

I picked up a few things and amongst them was this curious gift box set below.

Inside, there are two bottles of ink,  a glass pen , a glass pen rest and a mini UV torchlight.

The glass pen nib is very fine and works very well for writing. Pictured below is the red ink the set came with.

So what about the other bottle of ink? Well its a clear ink which only shows up when you use the UV light to shine on it. I guess thats what they meant by magic ink!

This is mostly a novelty thing to own since I dont envision myself needing to write secret invisible ink messages to anyone anytime soon [but never say never]

If you ever find yourself in Singapore, drop into the store for a look!
Who knows what you might find!
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