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Friday, February 16, 2018

Hi-Note, Isesaki, Japan

Ever been on a roadtrip and needed a stationery fix? If your answer is yes, you're part of my tribe. If you're planning a roadtrip in Japan, this information is absolutely for you! 

On a recent roadtrip, the coffee drinker entered Hi-Note into the itinerary. Hi-Note is based in Gunma, Japan. They have 2 stores, one in Takasaki and another in Isesaki. We were on our way out of Isesaki so we stopped by that branch. 

If you thought city stores were great for stationery, this place will change your mind. This store was massive, just grab a basket and start shopping is my advice. They had everything from pens, notebooks, cards to art materials, folders and washi tape, the list is honestly quite long. They even had stuff that was already sold out in the metropolitan areas, score! 

You'll need time because there's so much to look at, we unfortunately didn't have a lot of time but did come away with some cool stuff, all the reviews for those items have gone up or will be coming up so look out for that. 

So yes, if you're in Gunma area, definitely stop by and take a look at Hi-Note. Also, how cute is their tagline? 'Change Stationery, Change Life'

Store info here


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