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Friday, May 22, 2020

Pilot+Lihit Lab A4/A5 Folder

This has to be my favourite thing I've bought this year.
If you're someone who carries documents around all the time, you will love this. 

This file is a collaboration by Pilot and Lihit Lab. 
It's an A5 folder that also fits A4 paper.

As you can see, it's half the size of an A4 folder.

The selling points are that it is compact, there's a band to secure it, it fits both A4 and A5 paper, and the A4 paper does not form creases when stored in this folder. 

I carry a lot of A4 documents for work.
Usually, I would have to either carry a bag that fits an A4 folder or carry the folder separately in order not to fold the paper (because it's not nice to present folded paper to the other person).  Plus, the A4 folder would have to be quite rigid and heavy in order to keep the A4 documents neat. 

This folder solves all those problems, it is made out of thick PP material that is also lightweight.
This keeps the paper neat.

There's also a unique crease which does not produce a fold in the paper and as a bonus, also serves as a pen holder. 

In conclusion, this is a very practical folder and it is also inexpensive!  
I think want to buy another one in a more business friendly colour. 


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