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Friday, May 8, 2020

Simply Lettering Magazine, Issue 1

One of the things I like to do when I travel is go to a supermarket and at the supermarket, I like to browse the magazine racks. 

There always a wide array of magazines such as tabloids, tech, women's, food but I'm usually looking for a craft magazine. 

On a trip to London last year, I picked up Simply Lettering issue 1 at a Sainbury's.

If you're like me, you're probably thinking the pens are the biggest draw of this magazine. 

Also included are some practice templates and a magazine.  

The magazine included pages of supplies, things one might need to take up Modern Calligraphy as a hobby. 

Besides an introduction the basics, there were also articles with techniques one might use after becoming more confident in their skills, as well as interviews with calligraphers and hand letterers. 

The template book included a number of different styles of calligraphy and flourishes. 

However, I was most interested in the Brush Lettering starter set. 
It came with 2 pens, 1 black and 1 grey and they were double ended, brush tip and fine tip.

I ended up comparing it to the tombow, as it has the same brush and fine tip ends and the tombow is my favourite brush pen. 
With the starter set pen, the ink is not as pigmented and the pen is not as smooth as the tombow. 
I also found that after a few uses, the tip of the starter set pen did not stay as sharp as I would've liked. 


Despite its shortcomings, I think that for practice and first timers, it is adequate. 
Just be prepared to upgrade later on. 

Looking at their website, it seems they're up to issue 6! 
Have you purchased this magazine? How do you like it? 
Let us know below! 


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