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Friday, March 1, 2024

Review: Mildliner Brush x Ocha Collab


We’ve reviewed mildliner on this blog before but I have to tell you about this set! 

This is a collab by mildliner and Ocha, an illustrator.

Each set comes with 3 brush mildliners, a template and examples of how to use the template. 
You will need an fine ink pen or marker to complete the illustrations as per the examples.=

There are also birds and marine life templates but I of course, chose the cat set. 

The drawings are incredibly cute and easy to replicate with the template. 
It was also fun to play around with the template and try different variations 

The brush colours were perfect and worked well together too. 

If you like the style of the drawings and have always wanted to pick up some brush mildliners, this is a great set to get. 


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