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Friday, July 7, 2023

Pilot Frixion Ball 3 Wood Gift Set


Japanese stationery brands occasionally release their regular line of products in special packaging. 
These make great gifts. 

This coffee themed Frixion Ball 3 Wood gift set caught my eye, because y'know, coffee. 

The set includes a Frixion Ball 3 Wood, an instruction sheet, a tag to show what's inside the box, a box with a magnetic closure and cute illustration, and a gift tag. 

The gift tag is pretty special too, the flower embellishment is a seed paper.
You can plant it thereby upcycling it! 
Did I mention instructions included? Very cool!

I don't usually use Frixion pens so this is my first 3 in one Frixion. 
It has a wood grip and appears to be made with premium materials. 
I enjoyed the weight and solid feel, this would indeed be a good gift. 

And finally, I have to mention the selling point of the Frixion pen, the ink is erasable. 
Not a great gift for someone who works in a professional setting as you shouldn't use erasable ink on important/official documents, but it would be great for a casual user or a student. 

What do you think? Is this something you would purchase for a gift? 


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