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Friday, November 19, 2021

Review: Isshoni. notebook and cover


This is part 2 of the Isshoni. review. 

As mentioned in part 1, I also purchased a notebook and a notebook cover/pouch.

The cover fits A5 sized notebooks (a midori A5 notebook fit perfectly)
It has 2 inserts for you to slip your notebook cover into that double up as pockets.
It also has another pocket and a pouch for pens, memo paper, whatever you might need to journal.

After you slot a notebook it, you secure it with a button, which I think is a great detail. 

The pouch is quite a good size, it carries a lot of things.  

The plastic is nice and thick, doesn't feel flimsy at all. 

I also bought the desk notebook, it sits nicely under a keyboard and is supposed to stay there while you work. 

I think it's a cute idea. 

It comes in 2 sizes and few versions, including the day planner above, a lined version and grid version. 

There's also one with less pages if you want to switch it out often. 

This collection is great for wfh or even normal office use. 
Definitely check it out. 


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