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Friday, October 15, 2021

Review: Isshoni. fusen roll tape and fusen index #workfromhome


I stumbled upon this line of stationery at the store. 
It's called Isshoni. by Daigo. Isshoni means together in Japanese.

The concept of Isshoni. is to aid work life balance:

1. enjoy work
2. execute plans successfully
3. make less mistakes
4. seamlessly switch between work and personal life 

The collection consists of a series of notebooks, notebook covers and fusens. 
I only picked up a few items. 

I'll review the notebooks and covers in a future blogpost. 

In this post, we'll discuss the fusens. 

The fusen comes in 2 versions, a regular fusen mounted on a plastic index card, and fusen in roll tape form. 

The regular fusen I bought is the mini version, it's 75 x 50mm and mounted in a plastic index card that works well as a bookmark and has a mini ruler. Also, the 20 sheets of paper is in grid layout.

The paper is cream, it's close to Midori cream paper and I really like the red accent. It's soft yet suitable for professional work. 
The paper is smooth and writing on it is comfortable. I would say the paper is comparable to Midori paper.  

I picked up 2 of the roll fusen. 1 of each size. 

The roll has perforations so each piece is easy to tear off. 
The smaller size is 15 x 51mm and there are 50 sheets. It comes in 'goal', 'don't forget' and 'must'. 
The bigger size is 40 x 64mm and there are 40 sheets. It comes in 'schedule', 'limit' and 'to do'.  

The paper is the same as the regular fusen, cream, grid paper with red accent ('limit' and 'don't forget' have pink accents)

The perforation tears cleanly and the adhesive covers the whole piece. 
The adhesive is closer to fusen strength than washi tape, which means it is easy to relocate but still holds well. 

All the fusen stick well on paper and various work surface (like my computer here) 

Overall, I really like this collection. 
The fusen index might be a bit too thick to fit into my notebook but the paper size is just nice and very nice to write on. 

The roll fusen are great for keeping on the table due to the ease of tearing and sticking. 
I'll definitely use them in my planner and during my daily work. 

Stay tuned for the notebook/notebook cover review. 


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