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Friday, October 1, 2021

Review: Midori Color Pens for Paintable Stamp

This is part 2 of the Midori paintable stamp review

The pens come in 2 different sets, relaxing feel (left in the below picture) and positive feel. 
Each set has 6 colours/pens, the colours are really nice I feel.

The pens have dual tips, which is common for a lot of brush pens. 
One side is a brush tip for colouring, the other is a fine point pen for writing. 

The colours for the relaxing set are aptly named. 
Cool pastels of blues, greens, greys, they're very pretty. 
The only colour that stood out for me is the magenta, it comes out more neon than pastel, which was unexpected. 
Good for a pop of colour, but I would've preferred a pastel colour. 

The positive set has more warm colours of green, brown and yellow. 
Unfortunately, this set also suffers from the same issue I had with the relaxing set, the mandarin orange is more neon than pastel.
It feels like the pen came from another set, this does affect the overall cohesiveness of the pen set. 

From left: Midori paintable stamp, Versacraft, Versafine, Stazon, Shachihata forcoat.

I used the brush pens on different stamp inks. 

Obviously it worked best on the Midori paintable stamp. 
There was a little bit of smudging with the Versacraft and Versafine, which is to be expected as they are water based inks. 

The pens worked well on the Stazon (solvent based ink) and Shachihata (oil based ink)

In conclusion, if you're looking to pair the paintable stamps with some colour, the color pens are a must have. Use them with other similar oil based inks for the best result. 

It's a pity about the random neon colours but I do like the pastel pens and I can see myself using them a bit. 

What do you think about the colour pens? 


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