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Friday, September 10, 2021

Review: Midori Paintable Stamp and Notebook

The midori paintable stamp series is not that new but I decided to pick it up when I spotted the notebook and color pens (this will be a different blogpost)

The stamp is self inking and the ink is oil-based. 

There are english instructions included on the inside of the insert and a useful disclaimer that says there might be too much ink released on first use. 

The notebook comes a few colours, included are instructions. 

There's also a really cute sample print. 

One of the features of the notebook is a fold over cover to prevent ink from transferring between pages, which I think is a great idea. 

There are 59 cream coloured grid pages. 
The paper is designed to prevent the ink of stamps from bleeding through. 

The rings in the centre are omitted to allow for easier stamping. 

The stamp is easy to use, it takes a few tries to get the pressure right. 
The stamps are a bit more expensive than what I expect to pay but they are good quality and the designs are good for different uses. 

The paper of the notebook is true to its claims, I tried other stamps/inks and there was no bleed whatsoever. 
However, the paper is thick and not great for using it in other journals, the notebook would have to be a dedicated stamping journal. 

I probably wouldn't buy the notebook again but I would like to try the other stamps from the range.



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