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Friday, September 3, 2021


Newly spotted in DAISO 100yen stores : MT Point Seal Series

And these aren't just masking tape texture, they are actually made by MT of MT masking tape fame!

Curious to see how they stack up, I bought two sets to try.

Each set contains 2 identical sheets each having 3 colors in 4 different sizes. (20mm, 12mm, 8mm and 5mm in diameter)
As with other items made by MT, these are also made in Japan.

Each sticker is reposition-able just like the tape put out by MT; ie. remove very easily without tearing. And like the MT tape, they are very sticky yet leave behind no reside when removed. It is clear that they are much nicer in quality than many of the generic masking tape stickers put out by DAISO.

I tried searching for more news about them online but was only able to find this small piece of news on their official facebook account regarding the sale of these point seals sold at an event in a store in KYOTO. These were sold in sets of 3 sheets for 165yen (in contrast to the set of 2 sheets for 110yen at DAISO)

This is definitely another item to look out for in DAISO!


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