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Friday, November 12, 2021

Review : レポチケ Report Ticket Note (Ticket storage file + Event journal)


If you are like me, you must have tons of used tickets lying around. Be it flight tickets, event tickets, venue tickets or even just movie tickets. I always thought I might put them in a scrapbook someday but it has never happened. But now there is a quick way to store them, jot down memories and the tickets are kept pristine in case you ever want to scrapbook them in the future.

Introducing the レポチケ Report Ticket note.

The book consists of a page with an attached clear pocket and the other side, a dot grid page for you to write your thoughts/experiences in. The paper is very smooth and nice to write on.

It is also available with different color binder rings to match the colors of your favorite groups, clubs or members. 

The cover is clear hard plastic. So you can decorate the first page as you please as well.

Overall Thoughts : A very useful way to store precious memorabilia. Not only can you store your tickets, you can also slot in any other receipts or cards from the day as well. I also like the dot grid page making it very easy to write in it tidily. 

Have you tried anything like this? What do you think?


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