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Friday, March 5, 2021

Review : Sakura Craypas Ballsign iD [6 types of black color]

Sakura Craypas [Japanese stationery brand] has launched a new line of gel ink pens to the evergrowing stationery market in Japan. It is the "Ballsign iD" series.

These pens are refillable and the body features a hexagon type shape to make it easy to hold [and to prevent it from rolling away]. The sharp edges are also rounded to make it more comfortable to grip. 

Here is the display in store [in Japan]

There are 6 colors available;

  •  Pure Black (Black Black),
  • Night Black (Blue Black),
  • Mocha Black (Brown Black)
  • Forest Black (Green Black)
  • Cassis Black (Red Black)
  • Mysterious Black (Purple Black)
I picked up 3 of them in 0.5mm to try. 
Its also available in 0.4mm and the body is a light gray unlike the dark gray 0.5mm line.

The colors are very interesting and subtly different from just black to add to one's writing without an overbearing presence of color. 

Overall, I'm very pleased with how smoothly they write and the matte body of the pen looks stylish as well. I'll be picking up the remaining colors soon!


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