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Friday, March 12, 2021

Review: Deli Cream Correction Tape


Midori notebooks with their signature cream coloured paper are a staple here at TN5C. 
Mistakes when writing are inevitable so having to use a white correction tape on the cream paper can be very frustrating. 

There are a few options for cream coloured correction tape out there but some are difficult to procure. 
These deli ones were the easiest for me to purchase. 

I bought 2 different types, a regular tape which is 5mm wide by 10m and a 2 sided cream/white tape where each side is 5mm by 5m. 

The colour of the cream coloured tape matches the midori paper really well. 

Above you can see writing,  and below after the use of the correction tape. 

It blends in so well. 

The tape quality is good too, no peeling and the surface is easy to write on. 

There are a few cons, the first is that after using the tape, the ink is not as pigmented as before. 
The other con is that it only comes in a 5mm width, making is difficult for people with smaller handwriting or smaller notebooks. 

Overall, I use this tape quite often, I no longer get annoyed by the mismatch of white tape on midori paper. 
I highly recommend buying cream coloured correction tape if you're a fan of cream coloured paper!


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