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Friday, December 24, 2021

Review: Kutsuwa Culicule Coloured Pencil


There's a lot of nostalgia inducing stationery these days, 
I would say the Kutsuwa Culicule coloured pencil is one of them.

The Culicule coloured pencil comes in sets of 3, each set has a theme/name. 
There are currently 6 sets, I picked up 2, lalala aurora and royal moon. 

Why do I say the Culicule is nostalgic? 
The pencil is a thick piece of lead in a plastic holder, to retract it, you twist the white end of the holder until the pencil lead comes out. 
To store it, just twist the white end in the opposite direction. 

I remember stationery like that from my childhood and to me that's nostalgic. 

The packaging for the pencil sets are so pretty. 
They've been well thought out and incorporate colours from the pencils. 

Also, why coloured pencils? 
Well, they don't bleed like pens so are great for journaling. 

I decided to test the pencils to see how they would do over different media like pens, permanent marker and a brush pen. 

Both sets had different results. While the media worked with lalala aurora, royal moon was more opaque and appeared to cancel the media so I would say put down the coloured pencil before writing. 

There are examples on the back too. 
The shading looks good but I didn't feel confident so I'll give it a try another time. 

By the way, if you buy 2 sets, both will fit in one of the plastic sleeves. 
The plastic sleeves have a zipper so it's useful for long term storage. 

Finally, I tried it over some printed test and the result was similar to the ink media. 

Overall, I think these coloured pencils are fun. A bit expensive for a set of 3 but the colours are pretty.
I'd be interested to see what other sets will come out in the future. 


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