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Friday, October 16, 2020

Review: Daiso Washi Tape Cutter

There are many types of washi tape cutters in the market, one of my favourites is the Kokuya washi tape cutter and Daiso has released a version that looks really similar to it.

You get 2 cutters in the packaging which is such a good deal. 
However one of the cutters turned out to be faulty, but I had another one, so it worked out. 

Left: Kokuyo Right: Daiso

The Daiso cutter is slightly bigger and more boxy than the Kokuyo cutter. 

The clip mechanism is quite different too.
 Kokuyo's has 2 parts so it can adjust to the thickness of the washi tape roll, and it also has a series of grooves for better grip. 
Daiso's is more simple, it is just a plain clip with a small lip so the roll of tape doesn't fall off, in theory anyway. 

Kokuyo's has 1 set of fine metal teeth for tape cutting whilst Daiso's has 2 sets of plastic teeth, 1 fine, 1 coarse. 

The fine teeth on both are quite comparable when it comes to the cut tape edges however I found the metal one on the Kokuyo easier to use. 

I do like the coarse teeth on the Daiso tape cutter too, it gave the cut tape edge a more unfinished look which would look great in layouts. 

As you can see, Kokuyo's washi tape cutter is rounder, smoother and more ergonomic. 
It also has grip, so once you position the cutter, tearing the tape is super simple. 
This tape cutter also comes in 2 sizes to fit different widths of washi tape. 

Daiso's tape cutter is more basic and simple, it's longer which would mean it would fit most washi tapes without the need to own more than one. The disadvantage of the shape however, is that you would need to hold on to the cutter to get a good tear on the tape.

Both tape cutters are great however the Kokuyo tape cutter can cost 2-3 times more than Daiso's. The Kokuyo cutter also comes in more designs and colours. 

Kokuyo is more ergonomic so if you're someone who tears a lot of tape, I would recommend the Kokuyo tape cutter. 

However, if you only use the cutter occasionally, the Daiso would suffice, it is easy to use, produces nice cut edges and you get 2 pieces! 

Which one are you planning to buy? We'd love to know! 


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