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Friday, December 18, 2020

Review: Thermal Printer, Paperang V1

You might have noticed thermal printers like the one above appearing all over social media. 

They come in many shapes and sizes, different types and colours of paper and some even do labels! 

I purchased the paperang V1 a while ago, there has since been a few updated models.

The basics are similar, it's a printer that uses thermal paper (like the ones stores use to print receipts on)
There's an app, you connect via bluetooth and you print. 

The biggest difference between this version and a newer one, that I can see, is the dpi quality.  
Also, a thermal printer only prints in 1 colour, it's usually black and you can get a different colour by buying specific paper. 

I have normal paper, it looks and feels like a receipt. 

I also have sticker paper, the same as above but with an adhesive back. 

and my favourite of all the papers, semi translucent sticker. 

Everything you print looks prettier on this paper, great for overlays and layouts with ephemera. 
If you were thinking of buying a thermal printer. I highly recommend buying semi translucent paper. 

Other than the paper, the printer is easy to use though the app is quite limited. 
Also, as it is only 1 colour, things like pictures might be difficult to print although not impossible, all it takes is trial and error to get the right settings. 

Do you own a thermal printer, what do you like about it? 


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