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Friday, May 13, 2016

Traveler's Factory, Airport

A few weeks ago, the Tea Drinker wrote a blog entry about the Traveler's Factory store in Nakameguro. Today, I'll tell you about the one at Narita Airport.

Tucked in a small corner of International Terminal 1, the Traveler's Factory store is chockfull of treasures for the journal enthusiast. 

Other than the usual items one is be able find in their usual outlets and online store, they are lots of items exclusive to the store here.

Rolls of washi tape, die cut stickers for decoration and even two exclusive Traveler's Notebook leather covers (with accompanying notebook refills) is available. They feature a print on their covers depicting the journey from Japan to overseas. (More pictures on these to come soon.)

There is even a can badge dispensing machine which has badges exclusive to the store! Though note to wise, do not try putting your coins in directly. You will need to buy a token from the store which is to be used with the machine. I saw many people who made that mistake and the staff members had to take the machine apart each time to get the coins out. 

Needless to say, I made quite a decent haul there since nothing captivates my attention more than the words "exclusive" and "limited edition".

Expect to see what I got in a later post!

A visit to this store is highly recommended.



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