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Friday, October 14, 2016

Log On, Hong Kong

My favourite store to visit when I'm in Hong Kong is Log on. Its stores have a stationery section, collectibles, makeup, bags and a lot of interesting products that will have you browsing for a while. It's a good place to stop and take a break and do a bit of present shopping. 

My aim this trip was to purchase a Manual Factory bear. Manual Factory is a customisable gift section of Log On that is only available in 2 of its stores (Harbour City and Festival Walk). There are a range of products you can choose from to have customised, items such as powerbanks to pencil cases can all be engraved, embossed, ironed one to create an intimate present for your loved ones, or you know, for yourself.  Most of the services are free when you buy a product. 

Unfortunately, the machines that are used for embossing the leather apron of the bear were sent away for servicing so I was unable to have it customised but I bought one anyway. I'm still trying to decide what I would have had embossed on it so it was probably a good thing the machines were not available. 

Do you own a Manual Factory bear? What did you emboss on yours? 




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