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Friday, December 9, 2016

HOW TO: Take your rubber stamps on the road #stickerhacks


Welcome to another edition of Sticker Hacks! In today's episode, accompanied by our first ever video, I show you how to turn your favourite rubber stamps into stickers. 

Why? you ask. 

I love my rubber stamps but I find it hard to pick a few to travel with plus, there's ink pads, they're bulky and heavy, not very good to travel with. 

I did 2 different versions of stickers in the video. The first one is a clear sticker, I recommend the use of Tsukineko's Stazon line of inkpads. It's permanent and works on a lot of unusual surfaces and the colours are vibrant, do allow time for the ink to dry. I also used a gyrocut (which I will cover in a future blogpost) to cut the sticker. 

For the second sticker  I used uncut matte sticker paper, it's like copy paper so feel free to use any ink. You can also use the gyrocut or just a cutter and ruler like I did in the video. 

If you do not have a gyrocut or don't wish to purchase one, a plain pair of scissors will work really well too. 


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