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Friday, March 17, 2017

Camera Leather Goods/Cafe - Tokyo, Japan

On a recent trip to Tokyo, The Coffee Drinker and I decided to check out Kuramae.

Our first stop was a lovely little leather goods/cafe called Camera

It was a quiet weekday morning when we went and we ordered and paid at the counter before taking our seats.
Since the cheese toast was prominently advertised at the front of the store, we ordered that, ginger ales as well as 2 spam musubis that were on display on the counter. We skipped tea/coffees because we were planning to have those later at a different spot. 

The tables were a bit small but it enjoyable to sit in the cafe, especially on a cold day, watch the cafe staff do their thing and admire the amazing leather goods. 

Food wise, the cheese toast was great but I can't recommend the spam musubi enough, I wish I had ordered a second serving! 

Stay tuned for more on Kuramae. 


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